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April 8 - Through statistics compiled by County Superintendent Ratcliff, it is found that the average salary for rural school teachers in this county shows a nice increase. The average monthly salary for the year 1912-13 was found to be $51.70, and the average for the year 1913-14 was found to be $55.10 per month. This shows a gain of $3.40 for this year over that of last year.

April 9 - If you own a car, you ought to own this: "Van Allen's Trouble Hunting Table for Gasoline Propelled Cars and Remedies for Minor Troubles." It will be mailed direct to you on receipt of 25 cents. Van Allen Bros., 1311 Main Street, Houston.


April 10 - Gardens to be open for the tour in connection with the Flower Show sponsored by the Morning Study Club on Thursday are: Denver Hotel, Nazareth Academy Court and Art Room, Mr. and Mrs. John Albert Donaldson, Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Hatcher, Nave Memorial Block, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence S. Howe, Mr. and Mrs. Martin O'Connor, Thomas O'Connor cacti collection, Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Sterne, Mrs. James F. Welder, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Wood and Mr. and Mrs. J.V. Vandenberge.

April 11 - Rookie Oliver "Lefty" Sloan, playing his first season of amateur ball, provided the fireworks Sunday afternoon at College Park as the Victoria Rosebuds trampled the Yorktown Indians, 10 to 6, in the opening of the Gulf Coast League home season. The fleet outfielder slashed out five hits in five trips to the plate to bring his total for the season to eight hits in nine times at bat. James "Shorty" Loyd set some kind of record with seven runs in seven trips to the plate in two games.


April 6 - George Bush, candidate for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate from Texas, will make his first official campaign call in Victoria today. The son of a former senator from Connecticut, Prescott Bush, and the founder and president of an off-shore drilling company, Bush is scheduled to arrive in Victoria at 8 a.m. At 8:30 a.m. he will preside at the formal opening of his county headquarters at 802 E. Rio Grande Boulevard. He is also scheduled to meet with Victoria County Republican women at 9:30 a.m. at the Continental Inn and attend a luncheon for precinct workers at noon.

April 7 - Eleven men were nominated as a steering committee to plan a coliseum campaign for Victoria at a meeting of some 70 persons Monday evening in the Hospitality House. They are state Rep. R.H. "Dick" Cory, James Wischkaemper, Zac Lentz, Melvin Roloff, Leo Welder, Tom O'Connor Jr., Jim Cumley, Mayor Kemper Williams Jr., County Judge Wayne L. Hartman, Victoria College President J.D. Moore and Superintendent C.O. Chandler.

April 12 - Youthful "publishers" of "The Junior Victoria Advocate" were astounded at the workings of a daily newspaper as they met the publisher of the Victoria Advocate, Morris Roberts, and were taken on a tour of the building with detailed explanation as to the work of each department and employee. The five young girls on the tour were Laura Fly, age 10, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Fly, who is the editor-in-chief of the neighborhood project, "The Junior Victoria Advocate"; Ginny Tarkington, age 11, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Friench Tarkington, executive editor; Mary K. Borchers, age 11, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Borchers, secretary-treasurer; and Lee Averill, age 11, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Averill and Molly Smith, age 12, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.F. Smith, reporters. Each youngster prints a page of their paper and runs it off on individual hektographs. They have 70 subscribers at 5 cents a copy, or 20 cents per month for the five-page edition, and in the span of two months, they collected $21.36 in their treasury.


April 6 - A naturalist and amateur botanist said Wednesday expansion of the Riverside Park golf course could cause the loss of a unique area of plant life.

"I doubt if you could find a comparable place," James DeYoung said. "There are a lot of plants that grow in this area, which is the limit of their ranges."

DeYoung, who has a degree in wildlife science from Texas A&M University, said included in that plant life is what may be the largest durand oak tree in the state.

He said he has called the Texas Forest Service, which plans to have an employee examine the tree to determine whether it is a state champion. DeYoung said he's not sure when that will be done, though.

The wooded area, referred to by DeYoung as Hill Woods, is just north of Red River Street and west of Bluff Street in the park. It is part of the 75- or 80-acre area that will become a nine-hole golf course unless City Council reverses its position.

Council voted 4-2 Monday to authorize the city staff to amend the current lease agreement with Victoria Parks Improvement Association to allow the additional nine holes. However, a contract has not yet been signed and may not be for a week or two.

VPIA operates and maintains the existing 18-hole golf course on 151 acres of parkland it leases from the city.

The additional 80 acres VPIA will lease from the city is between the current course and north of Red River Street. It is used for special events, horseback riding and nature trails.



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