Oceans For Emotions: Sacrifices great and small observed during Lent

By Elaine Wheat
April 4, 2014 at midnight
Updated April 3, 2014 at 11:04 p.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

"And Jesus said, "For judgment I am come into this world that they which see not might see." - John 9:39

Recently, I was at the beach fishing with some of my teacher friends. We were so grateful for a pretty spring day and for the good company of friends.

We were enjoying the beautiful sights of the sea, but after awhile, the fish stopped biting.

We decided to take a break from fishing and just pull up a beach and sit and enjoy the ocean and each others' company.

As we were lulled by the relaxing sounds of the sea and our cheeks were kissed by its salty spray, we began to talk of Easter and what we each gave up for Lent.

One of my friends said she gave up alcohol for Lent, another said she gave up getting irritated or angry for Lent, and she works on being more patient and kind.

One teacher friend said that this Lent she is not going to give up anything but rather she is going to try to strengthen her spiritual life.

I said that I am reading the book of John every day during Lent, and this is improving my relationship with Jesus. I am also spending more time being grateful for God and His wonders.

My other friend said she was trying to give up worrying and trying to improve her trust in God. She said, "I will let go and let God."

Suddenly, a nearby fisherman began pulling in what looked like a keeper trout. A fun teacher friend said, "Well, we didn't give up fishing for Lent, so let's get back to it."

We all quickly cast out once again in great hopes of catching some keeper fish.

Dear Lord, thank you for all You have done for us. Let us be grateful for the wonders of Your world and to believe in You so that we, too, will see.



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