District 30-4A golf tourney kicks off

Julie Garcia By Julie Garcia

April 7, 2014 at 10:01 p.m.
Updated April 6, 2014 at 11:07 p.m.

Victoria West's Alec Westfall checks out his next shot at the District 30-4A tournament at The Club at Colony Creek on Monday.

Victoria West's Alec Westfall checks out his next shot at the District 30-4A tournament at The Club at Colony Creek on Monday.

In what could be the final tournament of her high school career, Kendall Carter shot a 94 - her lowest score all season.

Carter, a Victoria East senior, competed with her teammates on the first day of the District 30-4A golf tournament at The Club at Colony Creek.

"I practiced really hard the week before, just focusing on the little things," Carter said. "Fairway shots and my short game. Today, I really took my time, focused on every shot, and that really helped."

Students from Calhoun, Victoria East, Victoria West, Calallen, Tuloso-Midway and Beeville competed Monday.

Carter said that the girls squad to beat is Tuloso-Midway.

Kelly Xac scored the lowest for Tuloso-Midway with a score of 67.

"It's funny being a basketball player because we only see one team at a time," Carter said. "But seeing everyone together, it gets the chills up and competitiveness going."

Over the course of the season, Patrick Kostella has seen improvement in his swing and score.

The west sophomore shot a 77 Monday but said it was only "OK," and he expects to do better Tuesday.

He said the coaching at West has helped him get better.

"At the beginning of the season, I went from about an 87 to the 90s to the mid-to-low 70s," Kostella said. "I have a good coach - he knows my swing like the back of his hand, so he can really tell me what I'm doing wrong and teach me new stuff."

Rather than only focus on his individual score, Kostella hopes the West boys will come in first place overall.

"We really want to beat East for this year," Kostella said. "We've beat them four years in a row."

For the boys, West is in the lead after the first day with the A team scoring a 397. East's A team scored 425.

West's B team scored 462, East's B team scored 468, and Calhoun scored 522 after Day 1.

For the girls, Tuloso-Midway is in the lead with a 469 total, followed by East with 510. Calhoun scored a 540 total, and West finished with a 552 after Day 1.

West's Emily Richter is shooting for a sub-90 on Tuesday. Richter shot a 95 on the first day.

"The last tournament, I shot a 90, so I went up a little bit," Richter said. "But I'm staying in the 90s, which is good."

Richter has also lowered her score by about 10 strokes since the first tournament last fall.

"You have 12 tournaments over the course of the year, and you can see how you've improved," Richter said. "That first tournament, I shot a 105, and I've just gradually been getting lower."

The final day of the tournament starts at 8 a.m.

Team results


Tuloso-Midway - 469

Victoria East - 510

Gregory-Portland - 535

Calhoun - 540

Victoria West - 552


Victoria West A - 397

Victoria East A - 425

Gregory-Portland - 451

Victoria West B - 462

Victoria East B - 468

Calallen - 504

Calhoun - 522

Individual scores


Kelly Xac, Tuloso-Midway, 67

Charlotte Davis, Tuloso-Midway, 90

Jessie Seal, Tuloso-Midway, 82

Sage Sale, Tuloso-Midway, 120

Jessica Yanchunis, Tuloso-Midway, 110

Ashley Martin, East 99

Kendall Carter, East, 94

Lorrin Dickey, East, 100

Madison Lake, East, 104

Kaitlynn Edwards, East, 113

Kelci Beckner, East, 148

Kelsey Torres, East, 131

Brooke DeGaish, Gregory Portland, 85

Cynthia Rodriguez, Gregory Portland, 92

Samantha Carden, Gregory Portland, 104

Jeweliana Gracia, Gregory Portland, 126

Catie Alford, Gregory Portland, 128

Fe-Lynn Armand, Gregory Portland, 126

Haley Morales, Calhoun, 132

Alyssa Lewis, Calhoun, 124

Bailee Casey, Calhoun, 147

Gabby Posadas, Calhoun, 137

Emily Richter, West, 95

Sydney Trevino, West, 108

Clare Smejkal, West, 99

Lizzie Caldwell, West, 121

Ashley Bowland, West, 129

Gabby Perez, West, 124

Alyssa Olguin, West, 106

Sara Casas, Beeville, 122


Remey Shelton, West, 77

Wade Strickland, West, 77

Patrick Kostella, West, 77

Jared Galvan, West, 80

Sean Davis, West, 80

Chad Williams, East, 85

Hunter Redding, East, 80

Hayden Redding, East, 89

Zach Blevins, East, 82

Andrew McCleskey, East, 89

Charlie Garrett, Gregory Portland, 88

Brady Nelson, Gregory Portland, 87

Sal Ochoa, Gregory Portland, 92

Bryan Hartnett, Gregory Portland, 99

Justin Ibrom, Gregory Portland, 85

Collins Koch, West, 85

Travis Dibble, West, 107

Tanner Hanes, West, 88

Jacob Lieber, West, 88

Alec Westfall, West, 94

Logan Nobels, West, 85

Thomas Dentler, West, 94

Barrett Goedrich, West, 103

Nick Norman, East, 84

Logan Fimbel, East, 87

Mason Milner, East, 96

Brady Brittain, East, 111

Travis Nix, East, 90

Jared Breshears, East, 100

Ben Lake, East, 103

Charles Traugott, East, 97

Miles Callihan, Calallen, 85

Jared Hunt, Calallen, 92

Jaden Finch, Calallen, 105

Colton Bausch, Calallen, 110

Hayden Kneiszel, Calallen, 112

Chris Lopez, Calallen, 89

Chase Spicak, Calhoun, 87

Dillon Irick, Calhoun, 100

Tom Tomlinson, Calhoun, 119

Cole Nessa, Calhoun, 109

Patrick Day, Calhoun, 107

Kaleb Seyforth, Calhoun, 85

Mason Clark, Calhoun, 107

Reid Carrillo, Beeville, 106

Mason Johnson, Beeville, 154



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