BOWLING: Pair of local bowlers battle it out for top honors

April 9, 2014 at 5:03 p.m.
Updated April 8, 2014 at 11:09 p.m.

There was a close battle for the top spot in last week's race for the high score honors with Tom Crowe and Don Marques battling on the lanes.

Crowe set the bar during Wednesday's Sugar & Spice League with a terrific opening game of 289. He started with 10 strikes before a 9 pin count spare stopped his bid for a 300 game.

Crowe added games of 236 and 205 for a 730 series with three clean games.

Marques was competing in the Thursday Sundowner League when he blasted the pins for games of 235, 238, and 253 to tally a 726 set and second high.

T.J. Mooney enjoyed a good week on the lanes with three great sets of 279-718, 652, and 650.

Justin Tweedle was the third bowler to break the 700 mark with a 257 high game contributing towards a 712 series. He also added a nice 257 high game in another league.

Other noteworthy scores for the men were Rick Kalmus (276-698), Charles Aiken (698), Tracy Blake (265-695), Victor Thomas (257-695), Jamar Bryant (258-687), Pedro Alva (685), Steve Dickinson (677/650), Tony Bennett (274-676), Chris Kurtz (269-675), Randy Vivero (257-674), Abraham Flores (256-673), Jacob Silgero (672), Steve Schmitt (672), Mike Osterson (246-668), Steve Gritta (668), Robert Ellis (661), Willie Reyna (659), Tony Williams (658), Mike Stacy (657), Mark Svatek (651), Eric Smith (258), Kyle Stasny (257), senior bowler Roque Estrada (257), Aron Whitehead (256).

Carri Lee led the women's high scores again with three consistent games during Sugar & Spice League action.

She posted games of 211, 213, and 202 for a 626 total.

Christine Speer also broke the 600 mark with a nice 228 high game contributing towards a 602 set.

Jessica Thomas with a 236-579 and Rebekah Martinez (579) also scored well.

Senior bowlers Helen Gibbs and Janet Lambrecht rolled nice 203-534 and 203-532 sets respectively.

Vera Cruz bowlers for the week are Don Marques 765 Sundowners and Amy Lane 729 Sugar & Spice.

A reminder that the deadline for the 30th Annual Victoria Mixed Senior Tournament is April 21. You must be 55 years of age as of March and have a Victoria USBC sanctioned card.

If you missed out on the recent Open and Women's recent City Tournaments, this is an opportunity to showcase your bowling skills.

This past weekend several local bowlers competed in the Texas State Open Tournament and did very well.

The team, Just A Matter Of Time, bowled a very nice score of 3,309 for third place in Division 3. Members on the team are Miles Michalec, Bucky Hartman, Daryl Sedlacek, Jacob Silgero, and Bobby Mowles.

Silgero also is currently in fifth place in Div. 3 singles with a 759, fourth in All-Events with a score of 2,179, and 11th in doubles with Michalec.

Mowles is in 10th place in Div. 2 singles with a score of 707 and Sedlacek currently holds fifth place in Div. 5 All-Events with a score of 2,126.

If more area bowlers make it to the top 20, I will post their scores in the weekly column. The tournament runs until June 8th.

For complete standings you can visit the website.

Pro Notes

In last Sunday's PBA Pro League semi-finals, the Silver Lake Atom Splitters disposed of the Philadelphia Hitmen by sweeping all four events.

Chris Barnes defeated Bill O'Neill 248-236 in the singles, Barnes and Bryon Smith defeated Ryan Ciminelli and Josh Blanchard 228-226 in doubles. In the Trio event Tommy Jones, Dom Barrett, and Wes Malott defeated Ciminelli-O'Neill and Dan MacLelland 233-216.

With the Atom Splitters winning the first three matches, the Hitmen needed to win the team match to force a roll-off with three points each but were unable to rise to the task.

The Atom Splitters will face LAX next Sunday at 1:00 PM on ESPN for the Elias Cup Championship.

SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST SOFA KING REAL Men: M. Osterson 246-668; A. Whitehead 256-636; J. Cass 247-620; E. Smith 258-590; C. Bigham 588; T. Campbell 554; M. Soliz 554; OVER THE HILL 1ST CHALLENGERS Women: H. Gibbs 203-534; N. Smith 497; Men: R. Estrada 257-620; A. Garcia 226-563; D. Persilver 225-552; S. Gritta 548; M. Almendarez 539; M. Mathieu 529; A. Hempel 524; MONDAY MIXED 1ST (tie) REDDING & ASSOCIATES and TEAM #6 Women: R. Martinez 514; C. Valenta 211; Men: R. Martinez 226-637; R. Vasquez 574; G. Berger 570; C. Youngblood 229-569; D. Dye 230-562; B. Mooney 553; E. Gonzales 549; RED RIVER 1ST RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: R. Kalmus 276-698; P. Alva 233-685; C. Kurtz 269-675; T. Williams 235-658; T.J. Mooney 235-650; M. Stacy 226-641; J. Tweedle 257-640; R. Vivero 638; C. Aiken 230-630; A. Garcia 236-626; S. Zeplin 233-623; K. Schupbach 230-616; A. Flores 248-616; T. Pfuhl 614; J. Blount 225-608; D. Matthews 224-603; D. Flores 224-599; W. Lorance 227-582; J. Cavazos 581; M. Osterson 579; T. Rutherford 575; J. Wittenburg 572; L. Caballero 570; J. Matson 561; D. Blohm 235-560; W. Parker 556; J. Silgero 552; J. Guerra 548; R. Morris 246; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST ALLEY CATS Women: J. Lambrecht 203-532; B. Mathiews 497; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST LUCKEY STRIKES Women: C. Lee 213-626; C. Speer 228-602; R. Martinez 211-579; S. Guinn 226-549; O. Jackson 213-535; T. Wortham 532; D. Drake 213-528; J. Reyna 215-520 A. Lane 210-513; Men: T. Crowe 289-730; J. Tweedle 257-712; C. Aiken 241-698; T. Blake 265-695; T. Bennett 274-676; R. Vivero 257-674; J. Silgero 243-672; S. Schmitt 226-672; R. Ellis 661; W. Reyna 225-659; M. Stacy 657; T.J. Mooney 227-652; M. Svatek 651; S. Dickinson 236-650; K. Stacy 238-646; J. Wittenburg 240-641; M. Wortham 225-627; J. Blount 234-624; M. Michalec 237-613; J. Martinez 247-612; B. Mowles 227-609; M. Osterson 246-608; C. Kurtz 603; M. Almendarez 233-603; S. Zeplin 594; D. Matthews 592; R. Gonzales 585; S. Kocian 234-581; S. Gritta 573; R. Norman 571; L. Hall 569; H. Johnson 567; V. Thomas 560; M. Unger 559; J. Cano 555; SUNDOWNERS 1ST LETHAL VENOM Women: J. Thomas 236-579; J. McNary 556; P. Robles 553; D. Gillespie 527; C. Guerra 525; L. Heil 524; S. Simper 519; Men: D. Marques 253-726; T.J. Mooney 279-718; V. Thomas 257-695; J. Bryant 258-687; S. Dickinson 247-677; A. Flores 256-673; S. Gritta 234-668; G. Mason 225-639; G. Hatter Jr. 225-629; M. McDonald 619; G. Pitts 615; S. Miller 608; R. Rendon 608; M. Oterson 605; R. Kalmus 604; K. Stasny 257-603; D. Reissig 602; D. Knowlan 596; M. Fllres 232-594; J. Glass 590; M. Koehne 585; D. Matthews 584; R. Rodriguez 582; B. Korczynski 581; M. Unger 578; J. Glass 577; B. Marques 575; E. Smith 226-575; E. Fingers 564; D. Mergele 562; J. Rodriguez 560; J. Silgero 556; L. Boyd 555; DOW MIXED 1ST BANDIDOS Women: E. Fuhrman 506; Men: L. Fuhrman 586; J. Cavazos 562; PINBUSTERS 1ST TEAM #4 Women: A. Schwan 119-319; Men: K. Ballard 112-308.



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