'Winter is coming'; season 4 is here

Jennifer Lee Preyss By Jennifer Lee Preyss

April 9, 2014 at 4:01 p.m.
Updated April 8, 2014 at 11:09 p.m.

16 x 9 game of thrones

16 x 9 game of thrones

"Game of Thrones" and the carnage-driven characters of Westeros returned Sunday to HBO with a Kingslayer's vengeance.

Millions of fans of the Seven Kingdoms and their favorite throned families crashed HBOGO's Internet video on demand for excessive viewing, and viewership overall exceeded even that of the 2007 series finale of "The Sopranos."

The season 4 opener is estimated to be the "most-pirated TV episode," ever, according to Excipio piracy-tracking company, which detected that more than a million people illegally downloaded copies of Sunday's premiere.

With so many fans eagerly waiting to see how season 4 pans out, here's a look at 10 things we hope to see:

  1. What will happen to Arya and the Hound, and will she avenge the deaths of her mother and brother, who were murdered in the Red Wedding bloodbath?
  2. What will happen between Tyrion and Shae now that he's married to Sansa? Will Tyrion and Sansa conceive a child as Tywin ordered?
  3. Will King Joffrey remain on the throne?
  4. Now that the dragons are grown and the army is intact, will Daenerys Targaryen finally retake the throne? What will happen with her and Daario Naharis?
  5. What will happen with Ygritte and Jon Snow? Will she kill him like she promised?
  6. Will Joffrey discover the identity of his true father?
  7. Does the amorous affair of Ser Jaime and his twin sister, Queen Cersei, flare up again? And will she become jealous of his relationship with Brienne?
  8. Does Bran walk again?
  9. Will Gendry learn he is the son of the late King Robert Baratheon? Will he soon vie for the throne as well?
  10. Will the Whitewalkers finally make an appearance?

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