East tennis coach on fire at the lanes

April 16, 2014 at 10 p.m.
Updated April 15, 2014 at 11:16 p.m.

Four bowlers broke the 700 mark this past week, with Mike Stacy leading the way by producing the top score during Sugar and Spice League play.

Stacy rolled games of 203, 278 and 234 to record a 715 total. He also rolled a very nice 258-694 in another league. Steve Zeplin followed Stacy in the same league with a 256-704 set for second high.

Victoria East tennis coach Tony Williams was on fire in the first two games of Red River League action, recording games of 254 and 247. He doubled in the 10th frame of the third game to finish with a 201 individual and 702 series.

Mike Osterson rolled a very nice 267 individual and 701 set in the same league. He also posted a 675 in another league.

Other noteworthy scores were Abel Garcia (694), David Matthews (258-688), Robert Gonzales (267-683), Pedro Alva (254-681), Steve Dickinson (257-678/654), Randy Vivero (268-676), Jacob Silgero (672/661), Scott Snow (254-667), Mark Gschwind (258-665), T.J. Mooney (247-664), Ramsey Martinez (264-658), Bobby Mowles (658), Willie Reyna (655), Bruce Hammack (2254-654), Brian Hyden (257-651), Miles Michalec (268), Rick Kalmus (268), Ben Hilbig (268), Mike Wortham (254) and senior bowler Matt Mathieu (256).

Judy Reyna led the women's scoring this past week with a very nice set of 611 produced during Sugar and Spice League action.

She rolled individual games of 200, 179 and a very nice final 232 for her total.

Christine Speer rolled the second high total with a 223-596.

Sharon Guinn blasted the pins for a great 245 single game score on her way to a 592 set.

Other nice scores for the women were senior bowler Nancy Smith with a 205-576 and Pat Robles with a 573.

Senior bowlers Gloria Billo, with a good 225 game, and Emily Estrada, with a 516, also scored well.

Vera Cruz bowlers for the week were Willie Reyna, 736 (Sugar and Spice); and Helen Gibbs, 723 (Over The Hill).

Congratulations to Rick Kalmus for breaking the bank at the Century Lanes last week.

The 30th annual Victoria Senior Tournament entry deadline is Monday. Turn your entries in at the Century Lanes desk.

The annual Victoria U.S. Bowling Congress membership meeting is scheduled for May 3 at Veracruz Restaurant.

The board of directors will meet at 9 a.m., and the general membership meeting will start at 10 a.m.

As a member of the association, please make an effort to attend. A quorum is needed to conduct business. One of the items will be election of four directors for the coming year.

Victoria bowlers continue to score well in the Texas State Open Tournament being held in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area.

This past weekend, Matthews' Team (David Matthews, Scott Snow, Steve Dickinson, Tom Crowe and Mike Stacy), competing in Division I (scratch) event, bowled a very good 3,236 score for eighth place on the board. In Division III, Just A Matter Of Time is still hanging onto the third spot from last week's score of 3,309.

In Division I (scratch) doubles, Mike Stacy and Dave Matthews are in 21st place with a score of 1,289. In Division II doubles event, Steve Dickinson and Danny Reissig are currently in fifth place with a score of 1,444. In Division III, Jacob Silgero and Milles Michalec are in 16th place.

Tom Crowe moved into eighth place in Division II all events with a score of 2,090. Silgero holds the fourth spot in Division III with a score of 2,179. Robert Mowles is tied for 16th place in Division II singles with a 707 series.

Abel Garcia is an active bowler in Victoria and a longtime bowling columnist for the Victoria Advocate. He can be reached at jagar43@yahoo.com.

TURKEY TROTTERS 1ST SPARE ME Women: J. Sims 227-565. SPRING SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST SOFA KING REAL Men: J. Silgero 234-672; M. Osterson 237-641; A. Whitehead 237-625; A. Williams 227-624; E. Smith 224-619; G. Verduzco 601; T. Campbell 224-589; M. Soliz 579; T. Bennett 578; T. Campbell 559; C. Bigham 554; J. Cass 554; OVER THE HILL 1ST CHALLENGERS Women: N. Smith 205-576; G. Billo 225-510; C. Goode 504; B. Long 501; Men: J. Figueroa 222-585; A. Hempel 571; M. Mathieu 256-555; B. Alex 528; E. Stevens Jr. 213-526; S. Gritta 516; MONDAY MIXED 1ST REDDING & ASSOCIATES Women: M. Hopkins 504; A. Lane 502; Men: R. Martinez 264-658; M. Redding 226-634; B. Beyer 633; G. Berger 591; M. Lane 579; D. Ellis 578; T. Tanner 576; K. Hradek 568; G. Goforth 566; D. Tamm 553; B. Mooney 551; R. Vasquez 234; RED RIVER 1ST RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: T. Williams 254-702; M. Osterson 267-701; M. Stacy 258-694; A. Garcia 239-694; P. Alva 254-681; R. Vivero 268-676; M. Gschwind 258-665; J. Tweedle 247-640; K. Schupbach 245-627; A. Flores 245-627; R. Kalmus 227-625; S. Zeplin 244-622; J. Matson 603; D. Matthews 246-593; D. Richards 592; M. Pahmiyer 585; R. Morris 226-585; J. Wittenburg 244-584; M. Michalec 583; H. Ramirez 581; F. Rivera 560; T. Crowe 557; C. Kurtz 555; D. Blohm 555; D. Flores 549; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST THE HAMBONES women: J. Reyna 232-611; C. Speer 223-596; S. Guinn 245-592; D. Stroud 224-551; T. Wortham 213-542; B. Koebrick 537; D. Drake 536; C. Lee 535; R. Martinez 531; E. Estrada 516; Men: M. Stacy 278-715; S. Zeplin 256-704; D. Matthews 258-688; R. Gonzales 267-683; M.Osterson 247-675; J. Silgero 237-661; B. Mowles 234-658; W. Reyna 234-655; S. Dickinson 226-652; B. Hyden 257-651; T. Crowe 246-648; M. Rodriguez 238-646; M. Wortham 254-640; P. Smith 247-633; M. Michalec 268-632; R. Ellis 229-632; C. Kurtz 238-619; R. Vivero 243-618; M. Svatek 248-609; M. Unger 242-608; R. Mason 608; S. Kocian 607; J. Tweedle 605; B. Hilbig 268-600; C. Aiken 597; L. Hall 226-595; V. Thomas 595; T.J. Mooney 594; T. Bennett 581; M. Almendarez 236-580; D. Flores 572; J. Cano 558; K. Stacy 550; W. Lorance 246; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST ALLEY CATS Women: J. Lambrecht 510; L. Burrows 224; C. Goode 200; DOW MIXED 1ST BANDIDOS Women: E. Fuhrman 202-525; Men: J. Rhymer 245-606; L. Fuhrman 594; J. Ramirez 539; SUNDOWNERS 1ST LETHAL VENOM Women: P. Robles 573; J. McNary 225-561; N. Schmidt 542; C. Valenta 530; Men: S. Dickinson 257-678; S. Snow 254-667; T.J. Mooney 247-664; B. Hammack 254-654; R. Kalmus 268-646; J. Bryant 630; S. Miller 235-620; M. McDonald 248-613; A. Hempel 225-611; V. Thomas 225-606; G. Hatter Jr. 598; E. Smith 596; D. Dye 595; D. Knowlan 592; M. Osterson 234-583; G. Pitts 577; B. Korczynski 576; J. Rodriguez 564; C. Hoff 563; L. Helms 555; R. Rodriguez 554; K. Stasny 551; J. Glass 241; PINBUSTERS 1ST TEAM 4 Women: A. Schwan 137-329; Men: B. Innes 314; R. Blakeney 129.



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