It's cheaper to fly out of Houston than out of Dallas

Aug. 1, 2014 at 11:30 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I am a co-owner of a rental cabin on a lake in the mountains of Vermont. When I go there, I fly. My sister chooses to drive. I either rent a car, or family picks me up, and we all head up to the cabin. This new "deal" with a new airline is kind of a bummer. It's more expensive to fly from Dallas and Austin to the East Coast than it is from Houston.

I guess the next time I go up, I'll either have to get a ride to Houston (and arrange for pickup), drive myself to Houston and pay for parking or find myself a "road dog" who'll go with me and help drive to Vermont.

Granted, I'm just one person, and this sounds pretty selfish, which it may very well be. I'm just saying Houston has three times the population of Austin and twice the population of Dallas; therefore, it's always going to be cheaper to fly from a bigger city, as their airports are doing more business with more flights.

I'd like to thank (cough, cough) whomever is responsible for having flights from Victoria directed to a party town and/or a cowboy city versus a business city. That was genius. Just kidding.

Ellen Woods, Victoria



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