Crime Prevention: Keep garage door locked, remove, hide valuables in vehicle

Aug. 2, 2014 at 2:15 p.m.

Crime prevention is based on the premise that for a crime to occur, a criminal must have the ability and desire to commit a crime plus an opportunity to do so. We, as potential victims, have no control over a criminal's ability or desire but we can control the opportunity.

In theory, when we reduce the opportunities for crime, we also reduce the incidents of crime.

The Victoria Police Department Crime Prevention Unit provides citizens with the information needed to reduce chances of becoming a victim of crime.

We approach the prevention of crime from three different angles: educational, physical and community involvement.

The educational approach includes crime prevention classes that address current crime trends in Victoria and prevention.

Regular classes are held in the Community Room at Victoria Mall; however, if you need a speaker for business safety training, church or a club meeting, an officer will be happy to accommodate you.

The Crime Prevention Unit also offers the Civilian Police Academy, which is a 12-week class directed at those who want to learn more about the operation of the Victoria Police Department, what we as police officers do, why we do it and how we train. All classes are taught by experienced local law enforcement officers.

Although the Civilian Police Academy doesn't directly lead to employment with the Victoria Police Department, it does give participants a chance to meet others with similar interests and the opportunity to be a part of the Civilian Police Academy Alumni Association.

The alumni are a very active group of volunteers who work alongside the police department at many community events throughout the year.

Residential and commercial security surveys and VIN etching are a part of our physical approach. If you are interested in a security survey, simply make an appointment, and a Certified crime prevention specialist will come to your home or business to assess your current security measures and make recommendations for improvement.

If you want to add a measure of security to your vehicle, come by our office and have your vehicle's identification number etched in its windows. A vehicle with its VIN etched is much less attractive to a criminal and may add value to your vehicle.

The third approach to crime prevention is community involvement. In addition to the Civilian Police Academy Alumni Association, the Crime Prevention Unit promotes the Neighborhood Watch program.

Who knows the goings-on in a neighborhood better than the people who live there? This program is a great way to meet your neighbors, learn about crime prevention techniques and help to create a safer community.

All of the Crime Prevention Unit's services are free of charge and open to the public.

For more information, contact Crime Prevention Officer J.T. Turner of the Crime Prevention Unit at 361-485-3808.



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