Why can't we take care of our own needy?

Aug. 2, 2014 at 11:57 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

We can't seem to take care of our own needy citizens, yet we find money and resources to take care of the overwhelming influx of illegal children and their families. I do feel empathy for them fleeing from gang-related violence in their countries, but we have lots of gang violence here in the States already, so where does one go to escape from this kind of violence?

I can't speak for most of us, but for myself and my family, I can foresee us taking in all of them and having our already heavily overburdened welfare program pay for feeding, clothing and housing them - not to mention caring for their medical needs. Forget about affordable care insurance, that's another sore subject.

It seems our middle class is having to bear the enormous burden for our welfare program, and frankly, I'm tired of taking care of so many others when it's hard enough to take care of my own responsibilities. Minorities have spokespeople for them whenever they feel they need help, but Anglos have no one to speak up for us.

I'm sure this letter will infuriate a lot of people, but it is how I feel.

Sue Thompson, Seadrift



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