Global warming is a man-made phenomenon

Aug. 3, 2014 at 11:30 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

In the words of Randy Quaid's character from the movie, "Independence Day," I'm back! After a vacation, I'm ready to again take on the misguided devotees to the illusion of climate science, practiced by the left as being nothing but a ruse designed to make sure you forfeit any rights you have to maintain control over the way you live your life.

Let me begin by saying, I've already answered the $10,000 challenge laid down by the Victoria College professor in two 350-word Victoria Advocate op-ed rebuttals versus the lengthy diatribe laid down in the newspaper's guest column by said professor.

But as long as the professor's bias holds judgmental determination over the awarding of the prize, it's a dispute wrapped in futility for anyone countering his folly. Let him come out from behind his cloak of deception. Put his money in the hands of an unbiased third party. Select a jury of our peers. And in the words of a World Wrestling Federation aficionado, "Let's rumble!"

Let me end this summons by saying, I don't need the $10,000.

However, upon reward of it thereof, I pledge to plow it back into the business accounts of Victoria College, to spend how administrators see fit. Does my adversarial opponent pledge to do the same?

First, I concede an issue labored falsely under for some time: Global warming is a man-made phenomenon. Those who made it happen were not the people burning fossil fuels, though. The culprits are the scientists who concocted and altered climate data during the past three decades in order to make it look like the rest of us were guilty. That's the lie the liberal media spoon feeds the American people. It's the same lies the president, his roundtable of czars, and cronies at the Environmental Protection Agency, Futures Trading Commission, Department of Energy, Eric Holder's office and U.S. Senate use to scam the American people out of our constitutional freedoms.

I will not let that happen without a fight!

Mack Simons, Wharton



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