Animal owners need to take responsibility

Aug. 6, 2014 at 12:51 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

To the party that abandoned the male, white standard poodle, age 3, a month ago in the country: Why do you dump your pets on other people?

Isn't the dog's welfare your responsibility?

If he digs out or jumps a fence, have him neutered.

Evidently, he was tied a lot, because he knows how to chew through a sturdy leash; perhaps you had no fenced area. Perhaps he needed grooming too often?

If you wanted him put up for adoption or taken up by Animal Control, why didn't you do it? Or why didn't you find him a suitable home?

After three days, we fed the dog, submitted a found ad to the paper, made phone inquiries, showed him affection, had a vet conduct a medical exam, did flea prevention and grooming and had him neutered. He is now being trained to blend in with our family of other pets. He is young, handsome and healthy.

Now, I am trying to find him a home, but this dog was your pet, not mine. I have a heart; where is yours?

Shirley Oeding, Victoria



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