Taxing entities are the real problem

Aug. 6, 2014 at 12:51 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Property values are up, and many people want to blame the appraisal district. Generally, a higher value of our property is a good thing, although some people want to find the bad in everything. Life can be tough for them.

The Victoria County Appraisal District's goal is to appraise the market value of each piece of property. This is a challenging task. We would all like to think our property is appraised fairly, consistently and accurately. I have undertaken a study and found they do a pretty good job.

The problem is that another entity takes this data and computes taxes. These taxing entities are the real problem. The taxes don't have to go up unless these entities want more money to do more things.

For example, did you know we pay grant writers to request "free" money? Unfortunately, many times this free money comes from other taxpayers. So, if you want to pay less taxes, now is the time to carefully watch these taxing entities' budget review and their growth in new taxes.

These people are politicians, so be careful. Honesty doesn't get many votes these days.

John Swanson, Victoria



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