Fox News not legitimate news outlet for people to form opinion

Aug. 8, 2014 at 11:51 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

In 2000 and upheld in 2003, Fox won the right to distort, exaggerate and make up news. This court ruling was the result of a whistle-blower lawsuit brought by Fox reporters Jane Akre and Steve Wilson regarding Fox's distortion of the truth on a story about Monsanto.

Fox asserted there were no written rules against distorting the news in the media. The court ruling was that the Federal Communications Commission policy against falsification was not a law, rule or regulation, and therefore, Fox won the right to lie and call its opinions facts.

Fox News may have the legal right, but it is still not ethically right nor factually correct. This is why it is not a legitimate news outlet for people who want the facts so they can form their own opinions.

Norma Pitchford, Victoria



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