Education Celebrations: Two weeks until school starts

Aug. 10, 2014 at 5:36 p.m.

We are at T-minus two weeks and counting. Aug. 25, the bells ring to start the new school year.

Summer tends to fly by in school districts. Very few people actually take the summer off from schoolwork. Even the people who are technically "off" typically spend many hours in training sessions and gearing up for the new year.

All summer, our maintenance and custodial staffs have been hard at work on campuses, making them shine. There are floors to wax, paint to touch up, repairs to make and a host of other jobs to do that are best accomplished when students are not present. The focus during the year is on instruction, and no one wants to be a distraction to that focus.

Our Human Resources staff has been busy this summer making certain we have the best teachers in our classrooms, top-notch administrators, well-trained bus drivers and child nutrition workers and other support staff who make for a powerful work team. The vision of our schools is one of excellence. Every person who is employed in our school district plays a part in the achievement of excellence.

There are still some openings in our school district for people who share in the vision of providing the best for children. Visit the VISD website for more information on job openings.

Schools have already been abuzz with the sounds of registration and teachers preparing their classrooms.

Wednesday, we had a highly energized group of people at the VISD Conference Center. We welcomed almost 200 new teachers and other professional employees to VISD with one general session in the morning. The following days were no doubt a bit of a blur as the new employees went through training to gear up for the first year in our school district. The new teacher academy is continuing this week.

Looking out in the room, I saw the familiar faces of people who had been in the district in years past and came back home. Others are veteran teachers who are coming to VISD from other areas, and still others are recent graduates who are starting their careers with us. We want to welcome every one of them and thank them for bringing their love of education into our community.

We are excited about the opportunities for a new school year. We hope you make that journey with us by visiting schools as a volunteer, being an involved parent, being an interested neighbor to a school or providing business support to help children succeed. The African Proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child" can be paraphrased to "it takes the community to make excellence." Being involved is a great new year's resolution to make.

Diane Boyett is the communications director for Victoria school district. Contact her at



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