An explanation of how river walk would work

Aug. 11, 2014 at 11:27 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I was asked where the Victoria River Walk would go and how it would work. A river walk would be a great attraction for Victoria and draw people from all over.

The actual river walk will be created in three stages. The last stage would wrap the river walk around the south side of downtown Victoria. It would empty back into the river near the dam near Loop 463 South. The dam would fill up the Guadalupe River from bank to bank.

This would end the occasional big floods in Victoria, increase our water supply and create a beautiful river for boating and river activities. The dam would also be able to release flood waters downstream to wash away the frequent log jams and maybe take some of those pesky alligators out to sea.

The second stage would end in downtown Victoria at Constitution Street. Bridges would cross over the river walk and over the Guadalupe with a track also for the train. This would be the main entrance for the Schlitterbahn-style water park, and boats would also come to this area carrying visitors. With a four-year college here now, this would provide jobs for students.

The first stage would channel part of the Guadalupe River through the constructed river walk and along the flood zone area, a block or so from Vine Street. Hotels, restaurants and stores would have their main front facing Vine Street and their rear entrance and patios on the river walk. Vine Street and other roads on the river walk will all become busy streets. The river would follow the present ditch on Vine Street and flow back into the Guadalupe at The PumpHouse Restaurant.

Victoria has needed a reason for people to come here. A river walk with cool waterfalls, trees and flowers would be most enjoyable. Throw in some good food, boats and a train, and you would have a real winner and money maker.

The river walk needs to be a private enterprise funded by business people who intend to make a profit. What other city boasts of a big river that wraps so neatly around it? We need to use it.

Wm. Paul Tasin, Victoria



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