Bond conditions revised for former teacher charged with assault

Jessica Priest By Jessica Priest

Aug. 13, 2014 at 5:51 p.m.

A judge had a stern warning for a former Victoria teacher accused of running over her ex-husband's girlfriend.

"If you make me come back here again before your trial, things are going to be very, very bad for you," Judge Paul Canales said to Amy Madigan, 40.

Canales, who is visiting from San Antonio, revised Madigan's bond conditions Wednesday.

She is charged with aggravated assault in retaliation and tampering with a witness, family violence.

Under the new bond conditions, Madigan will spend a weekend in the Victoria County Jail, submit to urine analysis every week, have a 10 p.m. curfew, attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and continue therapy.

She will also have a GPS monitor to track her travels.

Criminal District Attorney Stephen Tyler wanted Canales to revoke Madigan's bond after she called her ex-husband, Brad Madigan, early July 1, crying.

Contacting her husband or the victim, Susan Dorsett, listed in the indictment was prohibited under the terms of the bond.

Tyler also provided to the court a report of a device Madigan wore on her ankle.

The device is supposed to detect whether Madigan consumed alcohol, which is also prohibited.

The report showed that around the same time of the phone call to her ex-husband, there was an obstruction between the bracelet and her skin because the temperature fell.

Alcohol was also detected then, too.

Court records also showed Madigan was committed to a hospital for mental health reasons July 1.

Madigan missed her biweekly appointment with pretrial services coordinator Nora Kucera.

Madigan said on the night of June 30, she drank two glasses of wine, became distraught and took numerous pills, Kucera said.

After receiving treatment in Corpus Christi and new medications, "she seems to be in a different, happier state of mind," Kucera said.

Madigan's ex-husband recalled the estimated 17-minute-long phone call for the judge.

He recorded the phone call "to keep track of the harassment" and asked her about a fire that broke out at the home they used to share in the 200 block of Timber Drive.

She indicated she tried to hurt herself in the fire but had a change of heart, Brad Madigan said.

Defense attorney George Filley quickly pointed out the fire at his client's house was ruled accidental.

"Do you really want me to throw her in jail until her trial?" Canales asked Brad Madigan.

"Well, she needs to be somewhere because I don't know what she's going to do," he replied.

When Canales repeated the question, Brad Madigan paused before answering "yes."

Dorsett was not called as a witness but observed the hearing. She appeared unhappy about the judge's new order and told him "a GPS doesn't matter."

This is not the first time Madigan's bond conditions have been revised.

Madigan is charged with running Dorsett over with her car Feb. 8.

Dorsett's leg was amputated about mid-shin as a result.

Madigan is also charged with trying to get Dorsett to falsely testify, withhold information or delay prosecution.

Madigan offered to pay Dorsett's medical expenses if she characterized what happened Feb. 8 as an accident, according to the indictment.

She is also charged in county court with criminal mischief between $50 and $500, a misdemeanor, after officials say she threw a brick through one of the windows at Dorsett's house.

Madigan's trial for her felony case is scheduled for Dec. 8.

Madigan is also represented by attorney Constance Filley Johnson.



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