What grade would you give your school?

Aug. 15, 2014 at 6:06 p.m.

With the start of most public schools around the corner, we asked residents what grade they would give to their school or their child's school.

Here is what they said:

Hillary Fluitt Rosengrant

A-plus to Guadalupe Elementary. They might be small, but they have some of the most involved and caring teachers and faculty that I have ever met. Wonderful school and my kids adore it there.

Heather Mascheck

I give Victoria College an A-plus because it is one of the top-rated community colleges in the country. The classes are challenging but rewarding and fun. They also go out of their way to provide services to their students like tutoring, snacks and classes to work with anyone's busy schedule.

Melissa Montano

Smith elementary gets a C-minus. We went to Torres (A-plus) first, then moved, so we had to transfer, and for being all VISD, there are huge differences between the two. For one, the school could use a paint job and bleaching. ... It seems run down. Some of the teachers are just rude to the kids and do not care if a parent is present; they will belittle them in front of you. ... A lot of the assistants act like angry tyrants, and they treat the children military style. I'm all for discipline and order, but they are too harsh sometimes. There are a few good eggs, though; some teachers are wonderful and caring, and the assistant principal is amazing. We are looking to buy a home in a different zone after this school year to get away.

Elena Alvarado

A-plus to Meyersville ISD. Nowhere else I could imagine our boys going to school. Country school, one-on-one education, close-knit community, feels safe, a positive stable environment. The teachers are awesome there. They are wonderful for all they do there. I honestly don't know if the boys could get a better education anywhere else; just my personal opinion.



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