What is guard going to do about illegal aliens?

Aug. 17, 2014 at 10:36 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

The following short story was told to me years ago by an old United States border patrol agent who protected the U.S.-Mexico international border riding horseback. He was disgusted with the present insecure, broken-down border and the complicated, expensive processing of illegal immigrants into the U.S. and pampering of them.

The story describes the fate of illegal aliens at the border in the past when criminal entry into the U.S. was simply controlled in a manner that is not heard or spoken of today. There was no tolerance for violation of international sovereign law and, therefore, no problem with illegal immigration. Grisly as the story is, those with weak stomachs might find it distasteful.

Illegal aliens sneaking into the U.S. then were stopped abruptly from entering. They were shot. Mexico didn't want their bodies. The U.S. wouldn't pay for the burials. A few were buried in pauper graves, but no one wanted to bury them. So the bodies were left or put in the Rio Grande. They were called floaters. They floated down the river to somewhere out from Brownsville where they eventually stacked up over time. The heap of decaying bodies had to be busted open occasionally to continue floating down the Rio Grande to the final destination of the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, you've heard the other side. I apologize to the bleeding hearts among us for repeating this story.

Today, many more U.S. border patrol agents are being sent to the border. The current tolerant atmosphere will allow them to help process and pamper many more criminals into the U.S. There is talk of sending the National Guard to the border again. What is the guard going to do about illegal aliens - shoot them?

Edward L. Flickinger, Victoria



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