Invista's ties to Victoria help drive economic growth with more than 3,800 jobs in region

Aug. 18, 2014 at 1:12 p.m.

Invista's Victoria site supports more than 3,800 jobs and nearly $300 million in compensation and benefits, according to a study by Harrah Analytics.

The independent economic research firm found each Invista job in Texas generated, on average, about five other jobs in the state. In 2013, Invista's more than 1,500 full- and part-time Texas employees indirectly resulted in an estimated 6,500 additional jobs and more than $380 million in compensation and benefits.

"This study reflects the strong ties Invista has to the Victoria community and the mutual benefits of Invista operations in this great community," said Kevin Burke, Invista Victoria site manager. "The Victoria site buys goods and services from local businesses, and our employees spend paychecks for food, shelter, clothing, entertainment and more. Through these activities, Invista serves as a catalyst for growth and for improved quality of life that benefits us all."

Nationally, Koch companies - including Invista - directly employed about 60,000 people throughout 49 states and the District of Columbia, paying compensation and benefits totaling nearly $4.8 billion, according to the study. This combined spending translates to Koch companies supporting more than 200,000 jobs and earnings of about $11.8 billion.

The Victoria site, located on 4,500 acres about eight miles south of the city, manufactures raw materials used in the production of nylon. Invista global brands that are produced from the nylon intermediates manufactured at Victoria include Stainmaster carpet and carpet fibers for residential and commercial applications; fabric for backpacks, hunting boots, military apparel, and soft-sided luggage; nylon resins for heart valves, automobile fuel lines and hair, tooth and paintbrush bristles; and nylon staple fiber for safety air bags and automotive components.



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