Do people truly understand significance of their vote?

Aug. 18, 2014 at 11:06 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Our country is doomed! Founded on high standards of moral values, like other great ancient civilizations, it is deteriorating and dying. No longer can we expect the problems and economical recovery of the world. Our society cannot accept the flow from southern boundaries. We are broke! Influx of continual migration will eventually destroy our conservative values.

Whom will these voters elect? A conservative candidate/party that strives for the populace to work, pay taxes and contribute to society? Or will they vote for a liberal/democrat that continues to allow government's dependency for total existence and subsistence? Do people truly understand the significance of their vote - study the person/party agenda and vote with their brain rather than head/heart?

Years ago, I became acquainted with a Port Lavaca resident, a large farmer and community leader. It was during Clinton's presidency - first run. This person was a backer of Clinton and was questioned on his choice. He responded, "My father taught me two things in life: Never pee on an electric hot wire fence and never vote republican."

During the Monica Lewinsky fiasco, I approached him, thinking he had regretted his vote. He said to me, "In the beginning, I told you that Clinton was a sorry, no account untrustworthy bastard." Surprised, I asked if he would vote Clinton again. To my horror, he said, "Of course - because he's a democrat," adding that never would he vote other than democrat no matter how sorry the person was. Asking him would he vote for a yellow dog for president, he replied, "Yes, if it's a democrat." I guess this is where the old saying comes from: "Yellow dog democrat."

John W. Goldman, Victoria



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