Closing league play with impressive scores

By Abel Garcia
Aug. 20, 2014 at 6:27 p.m.

Jacob Silgero and Joanna McNary closed out the Rolling Thunder Summer League in great fashion with impressive scores.

Silgero earned the high-scoring honors with three great games to help his team win the league.

He rolled games of 236, 232 and 279 for an excellent 747 series.

McNary was also scoring well with two big games, helping contribute toward a 649 total.

She started with a 239 first game and then lost her strike ball to post a 189 game without an open in the second game. In her final game, she regained her touch to bowl a 225 for her total.

Other great scores for the men were: Scott Snow (260-697), Kevin Irragi (671), Dave Matthews (668), Gary Hatter Jr. (254-664), Shawn Miller (659), Tony Bennett (656), Calvin Bigham (652), Russell Mason (650), Bill Jackson (256-646), Jamar Bryant (258) and Ruben Vasquez (253).

Olivia Jackson was also impressive for the women with a 608 set rolled last week. Samantha Wharton posted a 570 set for the women's third high.

Next Monday, the Over The Hill League (senior bowlers) will have a meeting at the Century Lanes at noon to approve the new league rules. This is a mixed league for senior bowlers 50 and older.

If you would like to join, contact Bobbie Long at 361-649-5034 or attend the meeting.

Pro notes

Walter Ray Williams keeps on winning with a victory in the PBA50 Treasure Island Resort & Casino Open.

He defeated Tom Baker 268-224 in the final game to secure his ninth PBA50 (Seniors) title.

He already holds the record with the most PBA Tour wins with 47.

His victory over Baker also allowed Norm Duke to win the PBA50 Tour's Player of the Year award. If Baker would have won it would have given him 16 points, which would have been enough to overtake Duke.

Having won player of the year PBA Tour honors in 1994 and 2000, it makes Duke one of four players to have won this award as a PBA and PBA50 member, joining Walter Ray Williams, Wayne Webb and Mark Roth.

SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST UP IN SMOKE Men: C. Bigham 237-652; J. Cass 225-606; M. Osterson 231-604; J. Silgero 585; B. Turnipseed 585; M. Hernandez 577; A. Whitehe3ad 575; E. Smith 566; M. Gshwind 243-553; ROLLING THUNDER League Champions, SOFA KING GOOD with members Dave Matthews, Jacob Silgero, Miles Michalec, Tom Crowe, Joe Talbott, and Willie Reyna. Women: J. McNary 235-649; O. Jackson 608; S. Wharton 221-570; J. Salas 540; Men: J. Silgero 279-747; S. Snow 260-697; K. Iraggi 233-671; D. Matthews 232-668; G. Hatter Jr. 254-664; S. Miller 237-659; T. Bennett 237-656; R. Mason 228-650; B. Jackson 256-646; V. Thomas 234-645; R. Vasquez 253-641; S. Zeplin 224-634; B. Korczynski 631; J. Bryant 258-624; R. Rendon 619; A. Whitehead 224-618; C. Flores 617; T.J. Mooney 605; S. Dickinson 604; L. Conner 234-603; M. Osterson 235-598; J. Henneke 598; M. Stacy 596; J. Cooper 590; B. Marques 587; M. Unger 587; D. Bluhm 587; E. Gonzales 224-586; G. Berger 582; R. Gonzales 577; JJ Soto 574; K. Stasny 572; C. Youngblood 227-569; S. Kocian 568; H. Hernandez 563; J. Rodriguez 227-559; Z. Wilfert 554; R. Gabrysch 553; E. Smith 227-552; FUNTAPPERS (No Tap) 1ST TEAM 8 Women: J. Sims 275-775; C. Danesi 601; B. Matthiews 254; Men: C. Bigham 276-757; J. Silgero 288-721; J. Holbert 717; J. Lesikar 265-712; R. Cooper 252-691; E. Smith 682; J. Weber 264-676; M. Soliz 263-675.



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