UHV students give advice for high schoolers

Natassia Bonyanpour By Natassia Bonyanpour

Aug. 22, 2014 at 5:27 p.m.

Victoria East High School is empty  Friday, but Monday, the sidewalks and halls will be a hub of activity.

Victoria East High School is empty Friday, but Monday, the sidewalks and halls will be a hub of activity.   Frank Tilley for The Victoria Advocate

Walking through the front doors of high school for the first time can sometimes be intimidating.

Meeting new people, finding classrooms around campus and concentrating on studies can be difficult.

For this reason, some University of Houston-Victoria freshmen and sophomores shared their thoughts about how students can thrive during their high school years.

Malieh Harris, 19, Victoria, sophomore:

"I wish I would have taken the advice that others told me. They would tell me to stay focused, pay attention and definitely don't wait on things. I was big on procrastination, like when I did my applications for college. I would tell high school students to take their SATs junior year, so when they are a senior, they can focus on applications for college."

Brianna Stevenson, 19, Victoria, sophomore:

"My advice is to go to class. High school is the perfect opportunity to take dual-credit classes - that way it won't be that much when you get to college. Play your game all four years of college - every year counts."

Christina Cruz Martinez, 18, Victoria, freshman:

"Just keep up with everything. It will really pay off in the future. The most important thing is your grade-point average. I had no idea how important it is. I wish I would have known more about my GPA and had kept better track of it in high school."

Mariana Maldonado, 18, Victoria, freshman:

"Always be yourself. If you do, you will find real friends that way. They will have the same interests as you. If you hang around with the wrong crowd, it can affect you. Surround yourself with positive and energetic people."

Kristian Mansilla, 19, Victoria, freshman:

"Try your best - especially (high school) freshman year. Keep up your grades, and if you can, strive to be in the top 10. It will open up better colleges, and you can choose. Since the time of being a freshman, you should start thinking of college. I would have also studied a few days more instead of just waiting until the last minute."

Tiffany Rippetoe, 19, Victoria, sophomore:

"Try out for lots of sports. I did swimming and water polo, but I would have liked to do more, like volleyball. Just stay active. It will help you make friends, too. I am still friends with everyone I met in sports."

Stanley Smith, 19, Victoria, sophomore:

"Take advantage and score high on easy classes that will come your freshman and sophomore year in high school. Be active around your school and play sports; it will give you more connections for college. Be focused on your grades and join clubs."

Victoria Flores, 19, Victoria, sophomore:

"Go to class and make friends. Meet people and have a close relationship with your teachers. Go visit them one on one. And most importantly, spend a lot of time with your family. When you go to college and move away, you may get homesick. I know I miss my parents."



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