Bring back the carousel at the mall

Aug. 23, 2014 at 11:21 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Victoria is arguably in trouble. The city faces many problems, from the minor annoyance of a new gang of motorcycle racers tearing up the streets to the disgrace of a sex toy shop at the mall. Don't even get me started on the bees. Victoria has an image problem.

There are a few souls trying to turn this negative tourism trend around, but the ideas are awful - except Bootfest; I love Bootfest. What if, instead of building an empty tourism center or spending $10,000 on comic books, we do the one thing that will put Victoria on the map? Bring back the carousel.

Now, I know you are thinking I'm crazy. After all, the dictionary describes a carousel as just a machine with a moving belt or part that carries things in a circle. It is so much more, though.

As a child, I loved the mall carousel. One day, it was suddenly gone. Low and behold, it was actually in pieces being loaded up. Now, I never had a pony, much less had one that was decapitated, but let me tell you - seeing my favorite fiberglass pony out back without a head was haunting.

If you are old enough, you probably remember the old mall. It didn't have a carousel, and now, it is completely dilapidated. Last time I checked, there was an old coin store in there, but I honestly don't know what is there now. That was awhile ago.

What a great opportunity to renovate. They could rip out that disgusting carpet that I'm sure at least a few children have urinated on. Just think of the new revenue streams. The mall would have fewer vacancies.

New stores would come - possibly a Nordstrom.

I challenge the Advocate to cover this. Please, write on this issue that citizens actually care about (at least seven by my last check of the petition). I'm considering an ice bucket thing or an attempt to break the world record for riding a carousel to raise funds.

Email with any ideas or to sign the petition.

Do the right thing, Victoria.

Shannon Cromer, Victoria



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