Mooney, Miller battle for weekly top spot

Feb. 5, 2014 at 10:01 p.m.
Updated Feb. 4, 2014 at 8:05 p.m.

T. J. Mooney and Shawn Miller battled for the weekly scoring honors while competing in the Sundowner League.

Mooney scored his best series of the year with three great games of 256, 278, and 231 for a 765 total. His only blemish was a split in the 10th frame of the third game.

Mooney also rolled another good set with a 259 high game complementing a 663 set in another league.

Miller mowed the pins down with three clean games on his way to scores of 235, 267, and 247 to finish with an excellent 749 series.

Jacob Silgero was the third bowler to break the 700 mark with a 246 high game contributing towards a 709 set in Sugar & Spice competition.

Other scores of note for the men were Tony Bennett (699), Justin Tweedle (257-685), Mike Stacy (683), Steve Zeplin (680/666), Rick Kalmus (676), Steve Dickinson (667), Joey Matson (666), Mark Redding (266-664), Darryl Mergele (256-653), Dave Matthews (652), David Dye (652), Tom Crowe (651), Pedro Alva (650), Abe Suarez (279), Mike Osterson (268), and Jordan Glass (255).

Senior bowler Ray Nickel rolled a very nice 243 high game and 642 series.

Joanna McNary posted the high women's game and series while also competing in Sundowner League action.

McNary rolled a very nice 240 high game on her way to a 602 set.

Jessica Thomas posted the second high total with a 598 series.

Samantha Wharton was also in the mix with a 221 high game contributing towards a 573 series.

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week were Shawn Miller 773 (Sundowner) and Nicol Frederick 742 (Sugar & Spice).

A reminder that the Lion's Club Bowl-A-Thon will be competed Saturday at the Century Lanes. You can register at noon and start bowling at 1 p.m. Proceeds benefit the Lions Eye Bank of Texas.

The annual Victoria USBC Open and the Ladies City Tournament entry deadline is Feb. 21.

This year both tournaments will be held on the same dates and time.

The team roster for the women's team event will consist of four members.

Get your league teammates together and sign up for this annual competition.

Winners of any of the events will accumulate points toward the Victoria USBC Hall of Fame.

The deadline for the Texas State USBC Open entries is Feb. 15. The team event will be held at the Crossroads Bowling Center in Beaumont and the singles/doubles will be competed at Max Bowl in Port Arthur.

The entry deadline for the 77th Annual Ladies State Championship is March 21. The event will be held in Lubbock.

Pro Notes

The PBA Tour and ESPN provided an opportunity for two of the tour's top bowlers to demonstrate their bowling skills in what was billed as the Super Clash.

The three game match was between the 2012 PBA Player of the year Sean Rash and his nemesis, Jason Belmonte, who was voted the 2013 Player of the year.

By winning a flip of a coin, Belmonte had a choice of oil dressing and what lane to finish on. He chose a 39 foot oil pattern on the lane he would finish on and Rash chose a 35 foot oil pattern on the right lane.

The winner of each game won $2,000 and the series winner won a $10,000 purse

The two-handed power player Belmonte won the first game 258-238 after Rash started with a split in the first frame and could not make up the difference.

The second game both bowlers started with the first seven strikes before failing to strike in the eighth frame. Belmonte split in the 10th frame and lost to Rash 258-241.

Going into the third and deciding game, Belmonte had a three pin total lead over Rash.

The third game was still up for grab in the 10th frame but Belmonte came through with clutch strikes to seal the game with a 244-222 victory.

Belmonte won the series 743 to Rash's 718.

It was an exciting match and demonstrated how the bowlers had to make adjustments as the lane dressing broke down.

OVER THE HILL 1ST TWO + TWO Women: M. Farias 481; Men: Ray Nickel 243-642; A. Garcia 539; M. Mathieu 235-538; J. Simmons 531; M. Smith 528; A. Hempel 528; MONDAY MIXED 1ST SHAKE "N" BAKE Women: R. Martinez 205-535; M. Hopkins 517; Men: M. Redding 266-664; D. Dye 233-652; J. Talbott 224-634; D. Padgett 227-612; B. Hartman 593; C. Youngblood 590; R. Vasquez 575; J. Holbert 556; M. Lane 552; RED RIVER 1ST MFP Men: T. Bennett 238-699; J. Tweedle 257-685; M. Stacy 236-683; J. Matson 232-666; S. Zeplin 248-666; P. Alva 239-650; A. Garcia 247-646; J. Molina 247-639; K. Schupbach 237-633; R. Vivero 225-620; D. Flores 226-617; C. Kurtz 602; H. Tesch 597; M. Osterson 582; W. Lorance 579; T. Crowe 571; D. Matthews 569; J. Figueroa 562; T. Williams 561; M. Pahmiyer 559; L. Stroud 559; A. Flores 558; D. Blohm 552l J. Wittenburg 551; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST PAINTBALL Women: C. Lee 567; D. Drake 214-564; O. Jackson 560; N. Frederick 547; C. Speer 540; D. Marek 513; Men: J. Silgero 246-709; S. Zeplin 243-680; S. Dickinson 239-667; T.J. Mooney 259-663; D. Matthews 653; T. Crowe 226-651; L. Hall 231-626; S. Kocian 233-626; B. Mowles 623; R. Vivero 235-623; R. Mason 236-622; M. Stacy 615; J. Tweedle 615; R. Norman 612; C. Kurtz 610; M. Mathieu 610; S. Schmitt 235-606; R. Gonzales 229-603; M. Osterson 233-602; J. Parratt 586; B. Hilbig 586; C. Aiken 227-578; M. Wortham 571; J. Wittenburg 566; A. Vega 562; L. Stroud 562; R. Estrada 558; M. Michalec 554; J. Martinez 553; B. Pontillo 553; M. Rodriguez 550; W. Lorance 225-549; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: C. Goode 533; J. Brown 531; G. Wunsch 501; DOW MIXED 1ST A DRINKING TEAM Men: L. Fuhrman 622; J. Molina 224-612; J. Rhymer 588; T. Cornelison 562; SUNDOOWNERS 1ST OHHH DAMMM ITT Women: J. McNary 240-602; J. Thomas 598; S. Wharton 221-573; N. Schmidt 552; D. Gabrysch 535; G. Boyd 528; L. Heil 526; Men: T.J. Mooney 278-765; S. Milller 267-749; R. Kalmus 236-676; D. Mergele 256-653; A. Suarez 279-644; T. Pfuhl 235-637; B. Korczynski 237-633; Jordan Glass 255-631; M. Unger 630; G. Hatter jr. 626; D. Knowlan 244-621; K. Stasny 244-621; M. Michalec 246-620; M. McDonald 613; J. Rodriguez 227-608; L. Boyd 246-603; T. Bennett 603; M. Osterson 268-602; J. Glass 233-595; J. Bryant 590; D. Reissig 584; S. Gritta 579; M. Cantu 574; V. Thomas 573; E. Smith 568; B. Marques 567; C. Hoff 566; R. Rendon 563; B. Hammack 555; E. Smith 550; FRIDAY NITE TRIO NV-US Men: D. Guerrero 605; M. Cantu 580; K. Blake 560; M. Hernandez 557; H. Tesch 555; PINBUSTERS 1st TEAM 2 Women: M. Ballard 189-513; Men: L. Spence 163-383.



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