Writer shares some overlooked area stories

Feb. 10, 2014 at 6:01 p.m.
Updated Feb. 9, 2014 at 8:10 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

It is very possible that the top news stories in Victoria didn't make the printed Advocate.

Some worthy of note:

1) Around the Aloe Industrial Park, four years of continued activity make this the largest area for small industry and staging and marshalling of equipment in the county. Not a word in the Advocate. The industrial growth actually starts at the river and continues about 6 miles to around Aloe Elementary.

2) The north side of Victoria got overpasses while the above area of U.S. 77 got solar-powered blinking yellow lights. Do you know that U.S. 77 starting just west of the Cuero Highway (U.S. 87) and, continuing to the east of the Goliad Highway (U.S. 59), is the only U.S. highway in Victoria County without divided four lanes, except for the 1-mile section between the two Mission Valley roads? The six bridges on a curve across the Guadalupe River contribute to this area being unsafe. And, yes, the Advocate wrote about the unsafe area between Cuero Highway and the river.

3) The feeder streets - Red River, Airline and Crestwood - are in the worst shape they have ever been in. The City Council and engineering staff need to drive these streets each day for about a week to see what the average driver has to deal with. Why can't the city use hotel occupancy taxes to fix these streets? These streets lead to museums, colleges, hospitals, churches and schools - all of which draw visitors to the city.

4) The drought combined with millions of gallons of groundwater used in each oil/gas well being fracked has to have an effect on Victoria's groundwater resources, including that of the city wells that remain on standby. And what about the waste injection wells' effects on those deep wells?

5) There has never been a comprehensive survey to see how many area people don't have or don't use computers and/or smartphones for their news sources. Perhaps that is the top news story that didn't make the local news.

Ray Pilsner, Victoria



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