Perfect dream comes true for one bowler

Feb. 19, 2014 at 8:03 p.m.
Updated Feb. 18, 2014 at 8:19 p.m.

Mark McDonald's dream of a perfect game became a reality when he blasted the pins in the Sundowner League to score a 300 game.

Mark has long admired his dad's (Doug McDonald) bowling achievements and last Thursday night he took a big stride by bowling his own perfect game.

While Doug McDonald already has four 300 games to his credit in a career that was cut short by shoulder problems, this week's accolades belong to his son.

Mark McDonald started league play with a 238 game and then the hard rolling lefty powered his way to 12 strikes for his perfect game. He finished with a 220 game to total 758 for the week and took the high series honors.

Mike Stacy was a close second with games of 279, 232, and 243 to finish with a 754 total. Both bowlers carried 26 strikes in the three games.

Robert Gonzales continues his great scoring by following last week's 770 series with a 256-723 set this week.

Steve Dickinson was the third bowler to break the 700 mark with a 279 game contributing toward a 701.

Other scores of note for the men were T.J. Mooney (269-691/674/652), Jacob Silgero (269-685), Kim Blake (256-681), Kyle Stasny (680), David Flores (274-675), Randy Vivero (279-673), Kevin Stacy (665), Joe Wittenburg (659/259), Darren Blohm (266-658), Bobby Mowles (654), Ray Rendon (649), Bobby Marques (269), Chris Kurtz (256) and Abraham Flores (254).

Samantha Wharton had a slow start during the first game of Sundowner action to post a 174 game, but she rebounded very nice to finish with games of 220 and 219 to lead the women's high series with a 613.

Olivia Jackson also broke the 600 mark with a 222 high game contributing toward a 606 total.

Jessica Thomas rolled a great 244 individual game to help with a 591 set.

Lori Heil with a 222-581 and Judy Reyna with a 573 also scored well.

Vera Cruz bowlers for the week are Mark McDonald 794 (Sundowners) and Olivia Jackson 701 (Sugar & Spice).

I note another former Victoria League bowler having passed away.

Ella Hasdroff, who bowled locally in the 1970s, passed away last week.

My condolence and sympathy to the family.

The entry deadline for the Women's and VUSBC Open Tournaments is Friday at midnight.

If you can't get a team together, sign up for the doubles and singles event.

Pro notes

The second week of PBA League bowling was broadcast last Sunday with last year's defending champion, New York City WWT Kingpins, advancing to the semifinals.

The Kingpins, led by franchise player Pete Weber, defeated Detroit's Motown Muscle by a 4 to 2 point score.

In the opening singles match between Weber and the Muscle's franchise player Mike Fagan, Weber doubled in the 10th frame to edge by Fagan 232-225 for one point.

In the doubles event, Fagan and partner Chris Leschetter, ran away from Weber and John Szczerbinski 268-214 to even the match.

In the trio event, the Muscle, with Brian Kretzer, Mike Scroggins and Fagan, outscored Scott Norton, Jake Peters and England's Stuart Williams 241-234.

With the team event winner (3 points) deciding who advanced to the semifinals, the Muscle could muster only one strike to lose 227-172 to the Kingpins.

Feb. 23, the finals of the USBC Masters Championship will be televised at 2 p.m. on ESPN.

Jason Belmonte is again the man to beat in another bowling Major Championship.

SPRING SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST SOFA KING REAL Men: J. Silgero 231-627; C. Bigham 247-611; A. Walyuchow 551; OVER THE HILL 1ST CHALLENGERS Women: N. Smith 517; H. gibs 485; Men: S. Gritta 215-592; J. Figueroa 224-587; R. Estrada 234-582; A. Garcia 572; D. Persilver 215-556; J. Simmons 534; E. Stevens Sr. 528; M. Smith 518; C. Maldonado 516; RED RIVER 1ST MFP Men: J. Silgero 269-685; R. Vivero 279-673; D. Blohm 266-658; T.J. Mooney 234-652; S. Zeplin 236-635; T. Pfuhl 626; T. Rutherford 235-626; A. Flores 254-626; J. Blount 246-625; M. Pahmiyer 623; T. Crowe 614; A. Garcia 225-614; D. Richards 605; C. Kurtz 231-603;L. Stroud 225-600; M. Stacy 598; J. Wittenburg 259-588; D. Matthews 583; T. Williams 235-573; D. Flores 573; J. Matson 572; R. Kalmus 562; M. Michalec 233-560; MONDAY MIXED 1ST (tie) SHAKE "N" BAKE and TEAM TROUBLE Women: D. Stroud 538; Men: M. Redding 226-621; M. Soliz 226-604; J. Holbert 594; J. Walden 594; B. Mooney 576; E. Gonzales 556; M. lane 226; SUGAR SPICE 1ST FIRE BALL Women: O. Jackson 222-606; J. Reyna 573; S. Guinn 544; R. Martinez 214-542; C. Speer 534; T. Wortham 216-528; G. Yeater 519; L. Cooper 224; Men: M. Stacy 279-754; R. Gonzales 256-723; S. Dickinson 279-701; D. Flores 274-675; T.J. Mooney 232-674; K. Stacy 247-665; J. Wittenburg 233-659; B. Mowles 246-654; J. Cano 245-637; J. Tweedle 631' M. Svatek 225-621; T. Crowe 613; S. Zeplin 596; C. Kurtz 256-595; M. Michalec 593; W. Lorance 592; P. Smith 247-590; M. Rodriguez 576; M. Wortham 575; M. Hernandez 572; T. Bennett 571; R. Norman 565; B. Hyden 563; M. Almendarez 561; A. Vega 561; S. Kocian 560; J. Silgero 556; W. Reyna 555; L. Hall 227-555; R. Fisseler 554; B. Shafer 552; C. Aiken 551; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: L. Davidson 491; SUNDOWNERS 1ST (tie) OHHH DAMMM ITT and LETHAL VENOM Women: S. Wharton 220-613; J. Thomas 244-591; L. Heil 222-581; M. Bonuz 212-572; S. Guinn 210-563; I. Caballero 542; T. Garcia 541; N. Schmidt 529; J. Sims 528; S. Simper 519; Men: M. McDonald 300-758; T.J. Mooney 262-691; K. Stasny 242-680; R. Rendon 247-649; G. Mason 235-642; S. Dickinson 256-630; J. Cass 616; B. Marques 269-612; L. Boyd 610; G. Pitts 609; T. Bennett 605; B. Hammack 226-605; J. Blount 603; T. Pfuhl 231-602; R. Kalmus 232-602; D. Reissig 601; M. Unger 600; B. Korczynski 597; J. Glass 596; A. Flores 589; D. Dye 589; W. Jackson 230-585; V. Thomas 243-584; C. Hoff 579; D. Mergele 570; J. Holbert 569; H. Reissig 566; M. Flores 564; E. Smith 564; R. Gabrysch 564; J. Bryant 562; A. Suarez 561; DOW MIXED 1st Men: T. Cornelison 236-603; J. Cavazos 232-602; L. Adcock 577; FRIDAY NITE TRIO 1ST NV-US Men: K. Blake 256-681; J. Flores 617; H. Tesch 224-616; M. Hernandez 596; R. Gabrysch 588.



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