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By by mona gonzales
Feb. 19, 2014 at 3:03 p.m.
Updated Feb. 19, 2014 at 8:20 p.m.

La Camara de Comercio Victoria's Valentine's day dance was a hit at the Victoria Community Center.

La Camara de Comercio Victoria's Valentine's day dance was a hit at the Victoria Community Center.

On Valentine's Day, the La Camara de Comercio Victoria hosted a dance at the Victoria Community Center.

The Majestics, a Tejano band well known throughout Victoria and surrounding counties, performed, as well as Aviso, a versatile Tejano band out of Houston.

Aviso was the band that backed up Tejano vocalist and Grammy winner David Marez, of San Antonio.

I won't go into the history of Tejano music, but what I will tell you is a little bit about that night -- it was great.

It was like a very large family coming together for a celebration. About 600 people attended, and though many may not have known each other by name, we knew each other because we grew up together at Tejano dances.

We have all been going to dances together for many, many years.

Still, the ages of those in attendance ranged from teenagers up to a few in their 80s. We even had a child of about 7 years old, and she danced until she fell asleep. She brought so many of us smiles, and I loved seeing how everyone watched out for her while she was dancing.

It was so much fun watching hundreds walk from table to table greeting one another. I can assure you everyone there got a hug, kiss on the cheek or, at the very least, a handshake or bump. The excitement in the air was so uplifting.

But it was not just about good music; most also brought food, snacks and refreshments to share with their friends. There was chicken salad, pizza, cheese balls, tamales, cake, cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries and so much more.

We danced to polkas, waltzes, country, cumbias, rock and jazz. I remember back in the day, the sound being controlled by several on large mixer boards, but last night, it was a boy in his late teens controlling the sound using an iPad.

How about that? He did a fantastic job. He did most on his own but also took direction from the artist on stage.

La Camara de Comercio Victoria did an outstanding job. The dance was very successful and so much fun.

I did and have noticed most of the attendees were middle age or older. But on the dance floor, they were ageless.

About the columnist: Victoria resident Mona Gonzales and her husband, Ralph, love and support all music, but Tejano keeps them young and on the dance floor with friends.



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