BOWLING: Alva bowls 23 strikes for weekly high series

Feb. 26, 2014 at 5:05 p.m.
Updated Feb. 25, 2014 at 8:26 p.m.

Pedro Alva was in sync Monday night with a barrage of strikes to his credit on his way to the weekly high series.

Alva rolled eight strikes in an opening 236 game, added eight strikes in a 258 second game and then started the last game with seven strikes before a 10 pin stopped his string in a nine-strike, 267 game.

The excellent 761 total was enough to outpace the field and capture the weekly honors.

Berto Aleman rolled the second high set with a career high 699. He posted two excellent games of 251 and 253 to help toward his total in the Dow Mixed League.

Other scores of note for the men were Miles Michalec (244-697), Robert Gonzales (256-684), Randy Vivero (246-682/660), Jeffery Cass (680), Jacob Silgero (255-679), Rick Kalmus (677), Eddie Gonzales (258-676), Gary Hatter Jr. (669), Robert Ellis (656), Scott Snow (258-653), Bobby Mowles (247-653), Steve Dickinson (651), Justin Tweedle (650), Steve Zeplin (264) and Mike Stacy (259).

Lori Heil had the high score for the women while competing in Sundowner League action with the only 600 total.

She rolled a 223 high game, which contributed toward a 606 series.

Janet Sims scored a 591 series total for second high.

Rebekah Martinez with a 213-586 and Bailey Koebrick with 219-583 were other nice scores.

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week were Berto Aleman, 831 (Dow Mixed), and Janet Sims, 699 (Sundowners).

The VUSBC Open and Victoria Women's eighth Annual City Tournament will start competition at the Century Lanes on Saturday with an 11 a.m. team starting time. The first singles and doubles squad will follow at 3 p.m. on the same day.

Dave Matthews is the defending VUSBC Open City champion, and Sharon Guinn is the defending Women's City champion.

The entire schedule and lane assignments are posted on the lanes' bulletin board or can be viewed on the website.

Good luck to all the competitive bowlers who will participate.

Pro notes

The 2014 USBC Masters was broadcast last Sunday with four exciting matches being competed.

A total of 468 bowlers were participating - both amateur and professional from 14 countries - which makes it one of the toughest PBA major tournaments to win.

After the initial cut to the top 64 bowlers, double elimination three-game matches determine the top five seeds for the TV finals.

The defending 2013 Master's Champion (Australian), Jason Belmonte was seeded fifth, and his first match was against the only left-hander in the finals, Ryan Ciminelli.

Belmonte seemed to have the match well in hand, until the lanes broke down and he had three splits in the last three frames. He was able to pick up two of the splits to win 227-214.

Belmonte started with a split in first frame of the second game against Tom Smallwood, who started strong but then faded with three missed spares in the last five frames to let Belmonte win 202-173.

Michael Haugen, with a straight down and in delivery, seemed better suited for the lane conditions, but again, Belmonte was able to prevail 235-234.

In the final match against top seed 21 year old PBA rookie of the year E.J. Tackett, Belmonte demonstrated his versatility in adjusting to the lane conditions to win 221-177.

With the win, Belmonte was the first bowler to defend his USBC Masters title since the great Houston bowler Billy Welu did it in 1965.

The two-handed bowling Belmonte is the hottest bowler in the world, having won the Tournament of Champions last month and being selected by the PBA membership as the 2013 Bowler of the Year.

As a side note, I was in the stands bowling in my first ABC Tournament in St. Paul, Minn., when Welu successfully defended his title against another bowler from Houston, Don Ellis.

The format was different then. With no TV finals, it came down to last man standing in the double elimination three-game total pin matches.

Welu, who had already lost one match, went up against an undefeated Ellis and beat him twice for the victory.

WILD TURKEY 1ST ALLEY CATS Women: T. Wortham 211-526; B. Long 516; K. Kuecker 223; Men: W. Mikeska 228-601; K. Blake 601; M. Wortham 592; N. DeLaGarza 573; OVER THE HILL 1ST CHALLENGERS Women: G. billo 212-535; N. Smith 516; Men: D. Persilver 592; A. Garcia 575; J. Simmons 225-558; E. Stevens Jr. 550; M. Almendarez 212-543; A. Hempel 540; J. Figueroa 211-536; B. Alex 531; S. Gritta 526; J. Schmidt 522; R. Estrada 518; M. Smith 516; MONDAY MIXED 1ST (tie) SHAKE "N" BAKE and TEAM TROUBLE Women: M. Hopkins 537; Men: H. Bellanger Jr 628; M. Redding 237-623; R. Martinez 605; C. Youngblood 589; E. Gonzales 583; M. Lane 226-571; D. Dye 571; M. McLemore 565; J. Hopkins 563; M. Church 560; J. Holbert 552; RED RIVER 1ST MFP Men: P. Alva 267-761; M. Michalec 244-697; R. Vivero 232-660; J. Tweedle 233-650; D. Marques 231-642; M. Stacy 259-637; J. Silgero 235-634; T. Crowe 613; D. Matthews 606; A. Flores 604; R. Morris 603; M. Pahmiyer 244-600; R. Kalmus 598; A. Garcia 596; K. Schupbach 594; T. Pfuhl 590; T. Bennett 244-589; S. Zeplin 586; D. Garcia 585; T. Williams 572; J. Molina 571; C. Kurtz 564; T. Rutherford 558; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST THE HAMBONES Women: R. Martinez 213-586; B. Koebrick 219-583; C. Lee 550; D. Stroud 549; C. Speer 549; G. Yeater 533; S. Guinn 528; Men: R. Gonzales 256-684; R. Vivero 246-682; J. Silgero 255-679; G. Hatter Jr. 234-669; R. Ellis 236-656; B. Mowles 247-653; S. Zeplin 264-644; T.J. Mooney 240-644; S. Kocian 237-640; M. Stacy 635; T. Rutherford 232-619; S. Dickinson 616; R. Norman 232-615; B. Hilbig 595; R. Estrada 589; M. Mathieu 587; C. Aiken 583; H. Johnson 582; J. Wittenburg 581; W. Lorance 225-578; L. Stroud 230-574; D. Flores 572; J. Tweedle 572; M. Osterson 571; B. Jackson 567; D. Matthews232-565; J. Martinez 561; B. Buzzell 549; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST ALLEY CATS Women: C. Goode 518; N. Wallace 501; DOW MIXED 1ST ALLEY CATS Men: B. Aleman 255-699; L. Fuhrman 569; J. Rhymer 559; T. Cornelison 555; SUNDOWNERS 1ST SOFA KING BAD Women: L. Heil 223-606; J. Sims 591; S. Wharton 223-571; I. Caballero 213-567; S. Guinn 222-558; J. McNary 215-531; J. Dollins 511;Men: J. Cass 238-680; R. Kalmus 236-677; E. Gonzales 258-676; S. Snow 258-6653; S.Dickinson 651; B. Hammack 645; C. Hoff 623; S. Miller 234-622; T. Pfuhl 248-619; D. Knowlan 611; A. Suarez 609; M. Aubrecht 233-606; J. Weber 233-603; T.J. Mooney 602; E. Smith 232-601; D. Marques 600; R. Rendon 598; B. Korczynski 593; J. Glass 236-592; V. Thomas 587; W. Jackson 584; C. Hammack 234-580; G. McClain 579; D. Reissig 576; L. Boyd 573; M. Mathieu 573; R. Cooper 571; J. Rodriguez 570; M. Osterson 565; J. Glass 564; A. Flores 237-563; J. Hernandez Sr. 561; J. Silgero 561; T. Guinn 551; D. Garcia 551; J. Holbert 550; FRIDAY NITE TRIO 1ST NV-US Women: K. Garcia 487; Men: H. Tesch 590; D. Dye 583; J. Silgero 567; R. Rodriguez Jr. 560; M. Soliz 548; PINBUSTERS 1ST TEAM 2 Women: M. Ballard 159-421; Men: N. Tait 152-326.



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