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March 5 - The Fritz-George-Vandenberge building will be completed within the next few days. The building contains four store rooms, which will be occupied by the following: L.A. Fritz, confectionary dealer; R.H. Barnes, jeweler; S.P. Dover, dry goods merchant; and Arthur Heinke, druggist.

March 7 - If the fair weather continues a few days, early crops will result as the farmers will have an opportunity to do their planting. And not only early crops but bumper crops may be expected for there is an unusually fine season in the ground.


March 3 - Six Port Lavaca elementary teachers were observing in the Victoria elementary schools today. They were Alvin White, principal of the Port Lavaca elementary school, and Misses Helen Spradlin, Sally Wilson, Etalka Wedig, Margaret Mahon and Margaret Kerlagon. The last named is a Victoria girl.


March 2 - Work began Monday in Riverside Park to create a scenic drive along the Guadalupe River, the city Parks and Recreation Commission announced. The commission also approved and recommended to council a contract with Suburban Kiwanis Club to install and operate a miniature train in the vicinity of Victoria Children's Zoo.

March 6 - Eight sophomores and two freshmen have been named to Who's Who at Victoria College by a faculty-student committee and will be featured in the 1964 Pirate, the college yearbook. Sophomores honored include Joe Cone, David Hanselka, Kathleen Hummel, Lana Jenkins, Helen Bargac, Elizabeth Pozzi, Robert Regan and Thalia Stoilis. The two freshmen are Sam Dick and Shelia Fulbright. The students were chosen from names submitted by members of the faculty, participation in extracurricular activities, general attitude, leadership ability, personality, overall citizenship and other factors were taken into consideration in the selection. Acceptable grades were also a requirement.


March 4 - Saturday morning's Victoria Livestock Show Parade is expected to be the largest "this town has ever seen" in terms of people participating.

That's according to Scott Connell, Jaycee chairman for the parade. There are around 130 entries, several of them much larger in number of participants than in the past, he said. "We're going to have big groups lumped in as one entry."

The parade will begin at 10 a.m. in front of NCNB Texas Bank, Laurent at Brazos Street, and proceed north on Laurent to Mockingbird Lane.

The biggest parade group of all promises to be between 750 and 1,000 fourth- and fifth-grade "Just Say No" club members from a dozen elementary schools. They'll be marching with the Victoria Optimist Club's vehicle as a contingent representing the anti-drug education program.

The theme for this year's parade is Prime Time '89 - Agriculture's Bright Future.

Garland Rather, the oldest living past Victoria Jaycee president, will be the grand marshal.

Lisa Janak, new Queen Victoria, and her court will be featured in the parade, which ushers in next week's 43rd annual livestock show.

March 8 - The body is "the only house that we have to live in on this earth. Each day you come here and walk, you are renovating and redecorating your house."

That's what Austin fitness expert Barbara Ayres told a crowd of approximately 65 mall walkers Tuesday morning during a fun and instructional session on the art of walking for health.

Ayres, a 49-year-old grandmother who operates Fitness by Design, a firm specializing in fitness training, said walking contributes to a general sense of well-being, reduces stress, boosts energy levels and strengthens the heart.

It can help you live longer, maintain a healthy body weight, increase flexibility in joints and strength in muscles and check the potential for osteoporosis in women, she said.

She said walking is the fastest growing form of exercise because it has no age limitations, may be practiced on most surfaces, provides an injury-free form of exercise and, as far as specialized equipment, requires only proper footwear.

She told mall walkers that strengthening the "most important room in our house, that four-chambered muscle in our chest - the incredible heart" is the main reason people should participate in a fitness program like mall walking.



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