BOWLING: Columnist bowls one of two 700 series

Jan. 1, 2014 at 6 p.m.
Updated Dec. 31, 2013 at 7:01 p.m.

Abel Garcia

Abel Garcia

In a week when high scores were limited, there were two 700 series bowled.

Mike Stacy was on target again in Red River League action to earn the high series honors.

Stacy rolled 27 out of a possible 36 strikes to post games of 226, 276, and 243 to total 745 for the night. In his second game, a 6-pin count spare in the fifth frame was the only blemish in an 11-strike 276 game.

I bowled the second 700 set in the same league, while competing against Stacy's team.

After starting with a 258 game, I finished with games of 239 and 216 for a 713 series and second high. With a 650 series in the afternoon Over The Hill League, I had a good day on the lanes.

Jacob Silgero enjoyed a good week of bowling by posting great scores in three leagues.

His best score was in the Friday Nite Trio League, where he bowled a 258 high game on his way to a 698 series. He also rolled a 659 set and a 254 individual game in two other leagues.

Other scores of note for the men were T.J. Mooney (246-696), Eddie Gonzales (256-679), Mike Unger (266-674), Darryl Mergele (649), and Robert Ellis (256).

Pat Robles turned in the women's high score this past week while competing in the Sundowner League.

She rolled a 212 high game, which helped toward a 559 total.

Three leagues did not compete last week due to the Christmas holiday.

Pro notes

The PBA World Championship was telecast last Sunday with the pros blistering the pins for great scores in the step ladder finals.

In the first match, Pete Weber defeated Tom Smallwood 258-237. Weber was consistent by rolling a second 258 game on his way to disposing of Mike Fagan 258-246. The reigning PBA player of the year, Sean Rash, defeated Weber 279-249 in the third match.

In the championship match, top seed Dom Barrett outlasted Rash by doubling in the 10th frame to claim the title with a 238-235 win.

Rash had chopped the 6-pin from the 10 in the third frame, which eventually cost him the win.

Barrett was the first Englishman to win a Major PBA title.

Next Sunday, the World Bowling Tour's finals for the men and women will be broadcast at noon by ESPN.

Kelly Kulick (New Jersey) is the top seed for the women. Liz Johnson (New York) and Missy Parkin (California) are the second and third seeds respectively.

Sean Rash (Illinois) is the top seed for the men with Mike Koivuniemi (Finland, now living in Michigan) the second seed. Mike Fagan (Ft. Worth) will bowl against Koivuniemi in the first match as the third seed.

FALL SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Men: J.Silgero 224-659; A. Whitehead 553; T. Campbell 224-548; F. Torres 235; OVER THE HILL 1ST TWO + TWO Women: R. Roemer 476; Men: A. Garcia 236-650; J. Figueroa 234-614; J. Simmons 222-559; M. Almendarez 212-545; D. Persilver 545; B. Alex 531; C. Maldonado 524; R. Estrada 521; MONDAY MIXED 1ST COBRA KAI Women: D. Stroud 511; Men: E. Gonzales 256-679; M. Church 615; J. Walden 235-610; J. Talbott 226-607; J. Holbert 226-607; B. Mooney 605; B. Hartman 564; R. Vasquez 555; W. Reyna 553; D. Dye 549; B. Redding 225; RED RIVER 1ST RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: M. Stacy 276- 745; A. Garcia 258-713; T.J. Mooney 246-696; K. Schupbach 238-636; R. Vivero 235-633; T. Crowe 233-616; J. Silgero 254-616; R. Kalmus 227-610; J. Matson 606; D. Ricahrds 606; J. Tweedle 601; P. Alva 598; R. Mott 596; J. Molina 593; T. Pfuhl 592; M. Michalec 585; C. Hoff 582; M. Pahmiyer 580; W. Lorance 556; R. Morris 233-554; H. Tesch 550; SUNDOWNERS 1ST WILD THINGS Women: P. Robles 212-559; C. Guerra 213-538; J. McNary537; M. Rojas 535; L. Heil 210-532; T. Mason 522; I. Caballero 513; Men: M. Unger 266-674; D. Mergele 239-649; J. Silgero 236-641; V. Thomas 245-633; D. Dye 224-627; B. Hammack 245-624; J. Glass 616; E. Smith 609; W. Jackson 231-604; R. Ellis 256-604; D. Garcia 596; T. Guinn 595; K. Stasny 235-592; R. Kalmus 590; S. Dickinson 584; D. Marques 583; G. Hatter jr. 582; M. Osterson 232-576; S. Gritta 575; T.J. Mooney 571; H. Reissig 569; B. Marques 568; G. Mason 566; A. Flores 552; D. Knowlan 551; T. Bennett 551; FRIDAY NITE TRIO NV-US Women: N. Mergele 536; Men: J. Silgero 258-697; H. Tesch 242-607; D. Dye 583; K. Blake 235-583; M. Cantu 551; J. Flores 232.



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