MMA damages image of true fighting styles

Jan. 8, 2014 at 6:03 p.m.
Updated Jan. 7, 2014 at 7:08 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I just posted this on my Facebook page, and it will do for response to the Advocate's recent feature concerning "mixed martial arts":

I played judo for 56 years, competing in matches more than 1,000 times. I was a martial artist - karate, aikido, jodo, kyudo and more (you wouldn't so much as recognize the terms) - for 60 years. That's the reason I wrote the following in response to this post:

"More of the political pimp same: Because I don't like what MMA has done and is doing to judo and the martial arts (judo is NOT a martial art), I'm a 'hater'? 'Mixed martial arts' are martial arts in the same way that homosexuality is sex, a pimp is a businessman and coprolagnia is just another way of having fun. Come off it - 'methinks the lady dost protest too much' (look it up - it doesn't mean what you think it does)."

For many years - decades, in fact - judoists in particular hoped that judo would be adopted by education in the same way it was intended and adopted in Japan. There are few practices as salubrious and beneficial to the education of youth (or, for that matter, adults) as that of judo. Actual experiments - several in which I played a key role - have demonstrated that time and again. To see what charlatans (no one in his right mind would actually fight like this, as early competitions revealed) have done to judo and budo (the martial arts of the Orient) and are doing to my lifelong practice and way of life is both discouraging and disgusting to one like me, and it is the principal reason I no longer take part.

Please point out to your readers that this is not judo or the martial arts; it is not even true competition, and it is intended to do nothing good for society or the nation.

H.A.L. von Luebbert, sixth-degree judo black belt, second-degree Kyokoshinkai karate black belt, first-degree aikido black belt, and first-degree Jodo black belt, Port Lavaca



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