Sugar & Spice league makes everything nice for two bowlers

Jan. 15, 2014 at 8:04 p.m.
Updated Jan. 14, 2014 at 7:15 p.m.

Steve Dickinson and Charles Aiken were the only local bowlers to break the 700 mark this past week.

Dickinson took the high honors with a great third game in Sugar & Spice competition to move past Aiken.

He started league play with games of 214 and 231 before stringing strikes to finish with an excellent 277 game and 722 series.

Aiken was bowling in the same league and was consistent with games of 247, 224, and 237 to total 708.

They each had only one open frame in the three games.

I rolled the third high set with a big 265 third game helping toward a 693 series in the Over The Hill League.

Other scores of note for the men were Abraham Flores with a 258-689, Steve Zeplin (677), Kenny Schupbach (246-662), Miles Michalec (660), Rick Kalmus (653) and Larry Hall (649).

Daniel Guerrero bowled his personal best with an outstanding 287 individual game. He started Friday Nite Trio League with a spare and then reeled off 10 strikes before a 7-pin count on the 12th ball stopped his bid for an eleven in a row award.

Mark Svatek, with a 257, and Thomas Rutherford, with a 256, also posted great individual game effort.

Teresa Garcia and Janet Sims tied for the women's high weekly total.

Sims bowled games of 213 and 223 to help toward a 584 series total in the Turkey Trotters League and Garcia posted a 213 high game for her 584 series total in Sundowner action.

Sharon Guinn (221-574) and Rebekah Martinez (219-571) also had nice sets.

Janell Flores and Judy Reyna rolled very good individual high games of 232.

Vera Cruz Bowlers for the week were Aiken 762 (Sugar & Spice) and Teresa Garcia 722 (Sundowner).

The tournament entry forms for the Women's Eighth Annual City Tournament and the Eighth Annual Open Tournament are available at the Century Lanes front desk. Entries can also be downloaded from

This year both tournaments will be competed on the same dates and times.

The entry deadline for the tournaments is Feb. 21.

The completed forms can be mailed to Jim Mooney, Victoria USBC Association, 309 Queenswood Trail, Victoria, Texas 77901-2546 or handed to the desk person at the Century Lanes.

There are many competitive bowlers participating in league play, so get your team and/or doubles partners together and sign up.

The women's tournament team event will be comprised of four bowlers in one division regardless of average and the VUSBC Open team event will be comprised of five bowlers and two divisions based on average.

Welcome back to senior bowler John Schmit, who returned to league competition last Monday, after recuperating from shoulder surgery.

My condolences and sympathy to the family of Patricia Pahmiyer, who passed away last week. Patricia was a mixed league bowler in the early 90s.

Condolence and sympathy are also shared with the family of Richard M. Flores.

Richard was the son of Ralph A. and Gloria Flores.

Ralph was involved in local bowling since 1953, when he stared setting pins at the Victoria Lanes. He worked at the Victoria Lanes, Palace Lanes, and Woodlawn through the years as a maintenance man until Woodlawn closed last year.

PBA Notes

ESPN will have a three hour broadcast Sunday with three Championship titles on the line.

At stake will be the PBA Regional Players Invitational, the PBA50 Tours Finals (formerly Senior Tour), and the Teen Masters Grand Champion.

Last Sunday's televised show of the Japan Cup was great in showcasing Japan's PBA Bowlers. The final eight bowlers were composed of four Americans, one Finnish, and three Japanese bowlers.

Yuya Katoh won the title by defeating Kazuaki Watanabe 243-235.

Katoh had reached the finals by defeating Osku Palerma 258-226 and Schinchi Horie, who defeated Sean Rash.

Watanabe had defeated Chris Barnes 278-239 and PBA Rookie of the year, E.J. Tackett, who defeated Tommy Jones.

The last time a Japanese bowler won the Japan cup was in 1988.

TURKEY TROTTERS 1ST SPARE ME Women: J. Sims 223-584; OVER THE HILL 1ST TWO + TWO Women: J. Lambrecht 467; D. Schmidt 460; Men: A. Garcia 265-693; E. Stevens Jr. 233-582; A. Hempel 529; S. Gritta 525; R. Nickel 244-521; D. Persilver 521; B. Alex 519; M. Mathieu 509; RED RIVER 1ST RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: A. Flores 258-689; K. Schupbach 246-662; P. Alva 227-644; M. Stacy 631; D. Flores 623; A. Garcia 246-620; T. J. Mooney 615; J. Matson 605; R. Mott 600; D. Blohm 597; J. Silgero 231-594; D. Matthews 587; R. Vivero 232-584; C. Hoff 582; J. Tweedle 576; T. Rutherford 256-576; M. Michalec 573; J. Wittenburg 566; V. Thomas 564; A. Suarez 564; C. Kurtz 226-557; T. Williams 553; M. Pahmiyer 552; M. Osterson 552; D. Garcia 549; MONDAY MIXED 1ST SHAKE "N" BAKE Women: J. Flores 232-555; Men: J. Walden 236-607; B. Mooney 600; M. Redding 235-592; R. Vasquez 579; J. Cooper 577; T. Tanner 565; H. Bellanger Jr. 560; D. Loya 560; R. Martinez 558; M. Zengerie 557; D. Ellis 554; E. Gonzales 553; D. Padgett 230; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST AIN'T WORTH A SPLIT Women: R. Martinez 219-571; J. Reyna 232-560; G. Yeater 213-535; B. Koebrick 524; D. Drake 521; C. Lee 517; Men: S. Dickinson 277-722; C. Aiken 247-708; S. Zeplin 246-677; M. Michalec 242-660; L. Hall 649; B. Mowles 232-647; K. Stacy 234-638; M. Stacy 631; S. Kocian 627; T.J. Mooney 624; B. Hilbig 225-615; M. Svatek 257-597; R. Norman 232-589; C. Kurtz 581; D. Matthews 575; T. Rutherford 569; R. Mott 566; T. Bennett 565; S. Gritta 561; M. Unger 560; R. Vivero 560; R. Fisseler 560; J. Wittenburg 227-556; T. Crowe 555; J. Tweedle 553; M. Osterson 225; H. Tesch 225; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: C. Goode 484; L. Goryews 208; DOW MIXED 1ST BANDIDOS Women: N. Matchett 427; Men: J. Molina 574; B. Mouliere 570; SUNDOWNERS 1ST SOFA KING BAD Women: T. Garcia 213-584; S. guinn 221-574; P. Robles 569; I. Caballero 214-547; J. Thomas 533; M. Bonuz 530; J. McNary 529; M. Rojas 521; Men: D. Knowlan 233-654; R. Kalmus 244-653; B. Hammack 247-648; W. Jackson 242-640; G. Mason 636; T.J. Mooney 249-636; V. Thomas 234-624; K. Stasny 616; L. Boyd 614; M. Osterson 233-610; T. Bennett 609; G. Hatter jr. 609; S. Dickinson 226-605; S. Miller 603; G. Pitts 243-602; D. Mergele 246-600; J. Glass 594; J. Bryant 225-591; D. Dye 588; E. Smith 586; A. Hempel 578; J. Silgero 242-574; J. Hernandez 573; R. Ellis 228-570; D. Reissig 564; J. Rodriguez 559; B.Korczynski 557; J. Weber 551; J. Godina 551; S. Grita 234; K. Stasny 231; FRIDAY NITE TRIO 1ST G S B Women: K. Garcia 461; Men: D. Guerrero 287-647; J. Silgero 231-646; C. Bigham 243-619; M. Canchola 617; K. Blake 245-603; M. Soliz 598; H. Tesch 586.



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