Years ago for Sunday, Jan 19, 2014

Jan. 16, 2014 at midnight
Updated Jan. 15, 2014 at 7:16 p.m.


Jan. 21 - The masquerade ball given by the Woodman Circle at the Knights of Columbus Hall last night was a grand success. Three hundred people were in attendance, and 35 of them came unmasked. The prizes for the best masks were awarded in the following order: Miss Maggie Heinke, United States girl; Mrs. August Wedemeier, sunflower; Miss Josephine Jecker, Japanese girl; and Lynwood Goldman, English Lord. Other costumes worth mention were Pocahontas, Queen of Fireworks, American Beauty Rose, Carnation, Butterfly Girl, Halloween Queen, Queen of the Night and the Advocate. The gross receipts amounted to $62.


Jan. 20 - A warning was issued here today by City Health Officer J.V. Hopkins for Victorians to be on the lookout for cases of smallpox in view of the increasing numbers of transients within the city.

Jan. 24 - Among the many-fold items to come before the City Council in regular session Monday night was a petition "to remove the esplanades in the middle of Rio Grande Street because they constitute a traffic hazard that is a menace to public safety."

Jan. 25 - J. August Muller, who for the past three successive years has been the efficient county chairman in the national fight on infantile paralysis, has consented to serve in that capacity again and today appointed the following committee to work with him: V.S. Fritz, vice chairman; Mrs. J.J. Warden, Mrs. Maggie Klein, J.J. Woodhouse, Ben T. Jordan, Leopold Morris, H.A. Abshier, Porter S. Garner, C.B. Mullins, J.R. Levy, Dr. J.R. Story, Joseph Wearden, H.S. Alexander, J.V. Vandenberge, J.J. Muska, Bud Vogt, Clarence Howe, Rev. J.C. Felger, Frank H. Crain and Dr. F.B. Shields.


Jan. 19 - DeTar Hospital will launch its third and most significant expansion of the past six years about Feb. 20, it was announced this weekend. A new three-story, 21,700-square-foot facility designed by Chris DiStefano and Associates of Victoria will increase the hospital capacity from 65 to 115 beds and cost in excess of $450,000, according to Dr. Webb DeTar.

Jan. 22 - Lynn Roloff, a local certified public accountant who was named Jaycee of the Month in August, received an additional honor Tuesday evening at the annual meeting and leadership recognition dinner of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce when he was given the Jaycee's Distinguished Service Award.

Jan. 23 - Names of 10 men to be inducted into the Army Feb. 19 were released Tuesday by Louis R. Kolle, chairman of Selective Service Board No. 125, as follows: Johnny H. Lucio, Gordon L. Robinson, Godfred Berger Jr., James A. Weaver, Kenneth W. Morris, Jack G. McGarity, Guillermo O. Guerra, Lee S. Alvarado, Jimmy N. Coleman and Joe L. Moya.


Jan. 19 - A natural gas pipeline rupture north of Bloomington Wednesday sent raw gas and residue spewing into the air, forcing officials to close off access to the community for about two hours while they brought the problem under control.

Officials later said that because of weather conditions, there was no real danger to the residents of the nearby community. Brisk northeast winds helped to dissipate the odorless fumes, said Assistant Fire Chief Kenneth Volkmer.

He also credited the humid conditions to keeping down the threat of fire, because the wet ground and humidity reduced the risk of ignition. He added that if it had been dry, the possibility of a fire would have been greatly increased.

Officials tested the air throughout Bloomington with gas detectors and obtained readings of 0.4, which Volkmer said was "way below explosion point."

The property is owned by an El Paso resident and is leased by area resident Jim Moore, the assistant chief added.

Officials blamed the rupture on the weather. They speculated that drought conditions experienced over the past year caused the ground to shift and buckle, and recent rainfall may have caused some additional settling, possibly weakening that section of the pipe.



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