Pfuhl bowls lone 700 set in Red River League action

Jan. 22, 2014 at 9 p.m.
Updated Jan. 21, 2014 at 7:22 p.m.

Todd Pfuhl was able to bowl the only 700 set for the week while competing in the Red River League.

Pfuhl has had his ups and downs in this league, but last Monday night he was certainly on target with only two open frames in the three games.

He rolled games of 222, 254, and 237 for a 713 total.

Gary Hatter Jr. posted the second high set with a 246 high game contributing toward a 698 series in Sundowner League play.

Randy Vivero, with a 243-695, and Pedro Alva, with a 246-694, were close behind.

Other scores for the men were Mike Unger (688), Calvin Bigham (688), Miles Michalec (248-687), Bruce Hammack (250-682), T.J. Mooney (265-672), Rick Kalmus (668), Justin Tweedle (249-667), Steve Zeplin (658), Steve Dickinson (654/651) and Victor Thomas (249).

Denise Gabrysch rolled the high set for the women while competing in the Sundowner League.

She bowled a 228 high game on her way to a 595 series.

Other scores for the women were Sharon Guinn (583), Janie Salas (582), and Teri Mason (581).

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week were Abraham Flores, 749, (Red River) and Janie Salas, 717, (Sugar & Spice).

The entry forms for the Victoria USBC Open and Women's City Tournament are available at the Century Lanes front desk and can be downloaded online at

The deadline for the entries is Feb. 21 at midnight.

The deadline for the 82nd Texas State USBC Open entries is Feb. 15. This tournament will be held in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area.

The 77th Annual Ladies Championship Tournament will be held in Lubbock this year. The entry deadline is March 21.

The 2014 Lions District 2-S4 West Bowl-A-Thon is scheduled at the Century Lanes on Feb. 8.

Registration begins at noon and bowling starts at 1 p.m.

This friendly competition is sponsored by the local Lions Clubs and is to raise money for the Lion Eye Bank of Texas.

Welcome back on the lanes to Samantha Wharton, who had missed six weeks due to surgery. She wants to get ready for the city tournaments coming in March.

Pro notes

There were three winners decided during last Sunday's PBA Tour broadcast.

In the PBA Regional Players Invitation finals Ben Laughlin defeated Tom Daugherty 225-187 to grab a spot in Sunday's Tournament of Champions competition.

Laughlin had 13 regional titles on his resume, but now has an opportunity to compete against the best of the best in a major championship.

In the PBA50 Finals Championship, Walter Ray Williams proved he is still the greatest bowler of all time with a victory over Ameleto Monacelli 224-204.

Monacelli had defeated Pete Weber 243-208 in the first match.

Williams holds the record for most PBA titles with 47 and in the two years he has bowled in the senior tour he has won seven PBA50 titles and been voted PBA50 Player of the Year both times.

In the Teen Masters Championship, Florida's Greg Young won his second title. With $60,000 in scholarship money awarded for each title, he has earned $120,000 to pay for his college education.

Australia's Jason Belmonte has been named this year's Chris Schenkel PBA Player of the Year.

To bolster his credentials, he is currently in the lead going into the last round of Tournament of Champions match play,

OVER THE HILL 1ST CHALLENGERS Women: C. Goode 516; N. Matchett 488; Men: A. Garcia 213-606; J. Simmons 233-586; M. Almendarez 224-583; D. Persilver 210-569; J. Figueroa 224-554; E. Stevens Jr. 550; J. Schmidt 508; MONDAY MIXED 1ST SHANKE "N" BAKE Women: M. Hopkins 219-532; K. Kern 509; Men: R. Vasquez 237-631; J. Walden 233-591; G. Goforth 225-572; J. Holbert 567; B. Hartman 564; D. Loya 557; E. Gonzales 553; RED RIVER 1ST MFP Men: T. Pfuhl 254-713; P. Alva 246-694; T.J. Mooney 265-672; R. Kalmus 242-668; J. Tweedle 249-667; M. Stacy 644; T. Bennett 233-642; J. Wittenburg 641; T. Crowe 237-632; K. Schupbach 233-617; J. Matson 233-611; J. Silgero 225-611; M. Pahmiyer 233-608; B. Marques 586; D. Matthews 584; S. Zeplin 583; R. Mott 570; R. Vivero 569; H. Tesch 569; A. Garcia 231-569; A. Suarez 561; T. Williams 561; T. Rutherford 558; D. Flores 235-558; J. Blount 557; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST AIN'T WORTH A SPLIT Women: S. Guinn 583; J. Salas 582; B. Koebrick 210-546; C. Lee 214-526; C. Speer 526; Men: R. Vivero 243-695; M. Unger 238-688; M. Michalec 248-687; S. Zeplin 234-658; S. Dickinson 231-651; C. Kurtz 633; M. Rodriguez 631; T. Rutherford 610; T.J. Mooney 232-607; R. Mason 598; M. Osterson 593; B. Mowles 590; R. Marek 234-590; T. Crowe 584; B. Hilbig 581; M. Svatek 570; R. Gonzales 567; J. Tweedle 566; J. Wittenburg 564; K. Stacy 563; M. Stacy 225-560; B. Shafer 560; R. Ellis 556; W. Lorance 555; M. Wortham 553; J. Schubert 553; S. Schmitt 552; R. Fisseler 551; SUNDOWNERS 1ST (tie) OHHH DAMMM ITT and FULL HOUSE Women: D. Gabrysch 228-595; T. Mason 229-581; K. Unger 565; G. Boyd 561; J. McNary 217-551; O. Jackson 546; S. Guinn 543; J. Thomas 214-541; A. Gritta 536; M. Rojas 223-535; M. Bonuz 225-523; C. Danbesi 206-516; Men: G. Hatter Jr. 246-698; C. Bigham 239-688; B. Hammack 250-682; S. Dickinson 238-654; D. Knowlan 237-647; V. Thomas 249-641; R. Kalmus 247-640; A. Flores 637; W. Jackson 245-636; R. Ellis 237-635; T. Pfuhl 247-633; G. Mason 627; K. Stasny 627; D. Reissig 236-615; L. Boyd 224-606; J. Cass 224-604; T.J. Mooney 226-595; C. Hammack 588; G. Pitts 230-588; M. Osterson 586; J. Silgero 226-586; D. Marques 232-583; M. Unger 576; J. Blaylock 231-575; M. Mathieu 574; J. Bryant 230-572; S. Miller 571; G. McClain 556; A. Suarez 554; E. Smith 551; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: J. Lambrecht 501; C. Goode 200; DOW MIXED 1ST (tie) A DRINKING TEAM and ALLEY CATS Women: E. Fuhrman 538; Men: J. Molina 233-628; L. Adcock 233-587; K. Rosales 224-569; FRIDAY NITE TRIO 1st NV-US Women: M. Farias 441; Men: D. Loya 597; D. Guerrero 597; R. Rodriguez Jr. 549.



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