Calhoun County JP2 candidates outline their qualifications

Jan. 27, 2014 at 10:01 p.m.
Updated Jan. 26, 2014 at 7:27 p.m.

Kenneth Wenske

Kenneth Wenske

Editor's Note: To help voters learn more about the candidates, the Advocate is printing profiles in contested races in the March 4 Democratic and Republican parties primaries. Tuesday's profiles spotlight candidates for the Democratic Party nomination for justice of the peace Precinct 2 in Calhoun County. The winner of this race will not have a Republican opponent in the Nov. 4 general election.

• Name: Kenneth Wenske

• Age: 59

• City/county of residence: Port Lavaca/Calhoun County

• Occupation: Day Operator

• Political party: Democrat

• Office Seeking: Justice of Peace Precinct 2 Calhoun County

Why do you want to serve in this position?

I believe in this community and have vested many years helping our community grow. During this time, I have taken the pleasure in experiencing more than 25 years of law enforcement and have grown to love serving our community. I have and want to continue to make a difference in Precinct 2 and Calhoun County. During my career, I have had interest in the court system, which my interactions with all the courts and law enforcement experience makes me an asset to this office. You not only work toward public safety but also have the potential to guide people down the right path, which is very rewarding.

What qualifies you to serve in this office?

My past 25 years law enforcement experience with criminal, civil, environmental law, including as a master peace officer; 81/2years as constable working for the office of justice of peace, Precinct 2; working with numerous courts over years; many hours dealing with protecting Texas children; certification by the Supreme Court of Texas to serve civil process. I have been trained and certified in anger management skills, training in how to deal with negative people and negative situations, training in conflict resolution and confrontation skills, interpersonal communications and how to negotiate successfully. Over the years, I have developed an excellent rapport with the youth and citizens of Calhoun County.

If elected, how will you go about effectively serving your constituents?

I will continue to serve my community with pride and work closely with our children and citizens of Calhoun County and departments in need of the office's services by giving equal attention to all who appear before the court and ensure equal justice is upheld under the law. I believe my work experience and work ethic demonstrate that I possess the competence, good judgment and abilities to be a fair and honest justice of the peace. As I have seen throughout life, my experiences have taught me one thing: how to listen. I believe that listening is key to being a good judge.

Phone number, address, email address or website where people can contact you for more information.

• 547 Royal Road

• Port Lavaca, Texas 77979

• Cell 361-649-9219



• Name: Calvin Anderle

• Age: 56

• Office Seeking: Calhoun County Justice of Peace, Precinct 2

• Party Affiliation: Democrat

• City and County of Residence: Port Lavaca/Calhoun County

• Current Occupation: Jailer - Calhoun County Sheriff's Office/Jail Division

Why do you want to serve in this office?

My parents engrained in me the need to serve our community. With that foundation, I became an active member of the Knights of Columbus at 18 years old. There, I served God and honored my parents through my service to those in need. It wasn't long after that I learned to have fundraisers to help ease the financial burden of those facing medical or other crisis. I found deep satisfaction when I was able to make a difference for others. I believe as JP I can continue to serve the public and make an important and lasting impact on our community.

What qualifies you to serve in this position?

In my position as a TCLEOSE certified jailer for more than eight years, I have had an opportunity to work with and often assist many other law enforcement departments. I work well with others in the field and have had a unique opportunity to learn the system from behind the scenes. Additionally, I believe the job of justice of peace requires respect for others while serving with impeccable professionalism. I know my values and my actions will speak for me.

If elected, how will you go about effectively serving your constituents?

I embrace the opportunity to attend the required training that will provide me with the tools to meet justice. I will network with others, tackle the large JP 2 docket and resolve issues fairly that come before me. Perhaps, though, the most important aspect of my job will be dealing with referrals from the school district because they have a huge impact on the students, our education system and the welfare of our county. These, as with all other cases, I will address by using all available resources for the best results.

Address, phone number, e-mail address and website where the public can learn more about you:

• PO Box 805

• Port Lavaca, Texas 77979

• Cell - 361-935-0087




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