BOWLING: 11-strike game leads to weekly high score

July 2, 2014 at 2:02 a.m.

Scott Snow was the only bowler to break the 700 mark this past week with a big game highlighting the series.

Snow's big score came during the second game of Rolling Thunder competition, when he blasted the pins for a 279 game. A nine-pin count in the third frame was the only blemish in an 11-strike game.

He added games of 210 and 225 for a 714 set.

Other scores of note for the men were: Zack Wilfert (246-689), Tom Crowe (246-682), Gary Hatter Jr. (247-677/269-673), Randy Morris (257-667), Mike Stacy (254-650), Harvey Hernandez (265), Tony Bennett (257), Frank Suniga (257) and Aaron Whitehead (247).

Judy Reyna rolled a very nice 226 high game on her way to the women's high score of 605 in Rolling Thunder action.

Olivia Jackson also scored well with a 223 game in the same league.

Congratulations to Larry Stroud for reaching 25 years of participation in the ABC/USBC National Open Tournament. He was honored with a plaque last month while bowling in Reno, Nev.

Pro Notes

Jason Belmonte won the Oklahoma City Open to help his cause in repeating as PBA player of the year.

Belmonte followed the same path as he did in winning the USBC Masters not long ago.

As the fifth seed, he needed to climb the ladder and defeat top seed 21-year-old E.J. Tackett.

In a televised show that yielded not one 200 game, it required clutch shooting and making continual adjustments on the 40' Bear oil pattern.

The right lane gave everyone trouble as Belmonte had to double in the 10th frame to defeat fourth-seed Tommy Jones 187-171.

Belmonte again doubled in the 10th frame of the second game to ease by Bill O'Neill 199-191.

He defeated Chris Loscheter 194-175 in the semifinal game to go up against the top seed Tackett.

Tackett started out with two solid pocked strikes to take the early lead, but on the third frame, he left a 5-pin count washout on the right lane and was unable to convert the spare.

As the game progressed, Tackett was unable to solve the oil dressing change, and he lost 193 to 145 to Belmonte.

Next on the agenda to wrap the summer swing tournaments is the Summer King of Swing clash. The five finalists will be previous summer swing winners: Bill O'Neill (Badger Open), Belmonte (OKC Open), Sean Rash (Wolf Open), Ronnie Russell (Bear Open) and wild card Tommy Jones.

We go from a low-scoring OKC Open competition to a new scoring record posted during the USBC Open Tournament in Reno, Nev.

June 23, a team registered from Oklahoma, Artistic Expressions, were indeed artists as the shattered a team record many thought would be unbreakable.

While many bowlers are humbled by the lane conditions put down during bowling's biggest showcase, this team averaged 248 per man for the three games. Two bowlers from the Dallas area were on the team; one of them, Ted Pritts, competed in the local Latin Bowlers Club Tournament a couple years ago. The other Dallas area bowler is Xeno Garcia.

In the 111th year of the tournament, Artistic Expressions bowled a 3,720 team series, which broke the record of 3,561.

The individual sets bowled by the team members were Pritts 768, Pete Thomas 758, Garcia 752, Jimmy McMartin 736 and Anthony Lavery Spahr 706.

With the Victoria Latin Bowlers Club Tournament scheduled July 12 to July 13, tournament bowlers don't have to worry about competing against Pritts since he has joined the PBA Regional tour.

Although, most 200 average bowlers would welcome the chance to compete against him.

SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST (tie) UP IN SMOKE and IT'S NOT MY FAULT Men: G. Hatter Jr. 269-673; A. Whitehead247-635; M. Osterson 237-632; J. Silgero 238-604; J. Cass 589; H. Tesch 578; M. Hernandez 577; ROLLING THUNDER (3 way tie) THE CROSSROADS ROLLERS, SOFA KING GOOD, PAY-PER-VIEW. Women: J. Reyna 226-605; O. Jackson 223-548; J. McNary 215-537; K. Boehmer 532; J. Salas 521; Men: S. Snow 279-714; Z. Wilfert 246-689; T. Crowe 246-682; G. Hatter Jr. 247-677; M. Osterson 259-672; R. Morris 257-667; M. Stacy 254-650; F. Suniga 257-646; C. Flores 240-646; T. Bennett 257-638; S. Dickinson 228-638; K. Iraggi 227-618; S. Kocian 616; A. Flores 615; C. Hoff 225-612; J. Walden 606; J. Silgero 239-605; S. Miller 236-599; B. Jackson 598; D. Matthews 238-598; J. Talbott 237-597; J. Bryant 227-594; S. Zeplin 593; G. Goforth 579; M. Aubrecht 228-579; P. Popp 578; J. Brooks 576; M. Gshwind 576; C. Youngblood K. Hradek 225-574; S. Gritta 573; J. Phillips J. Rodriguez 567; R. Vasquez 233-566; C. Schmidt 563; P. Gamble 563; K. Stasny 559; J. Partida 554; B. Hammack 554; M. Shows 235-553; H. Hernandez 265; E. Gonzales 226; FUNTAPPERS (No Tap) TEAM 8 Women: B. Long 246-665; B. Mathiews 611; Men: R. Kalmus 298-791; R. Saenz 298-769; D. Tamm 287-754; R. Cooper 300-709; E. Smith 701; J. Silgero 290-696;

YOUTH: PEE WEE Girl: F. Cooper 91-180; Boy: Z. Duffala 82-162; SUMMER YOUTH Girl: S. Wharton 115-318; Boy: N. Lara 127-309.



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