Fashionable Girl's Guide: Beach, boat, and barbecue

By Allison Marek
July 2, 2014 at 2:02 a.m.

These lime green shorts are  eye-catching, and the pattern prevents them from being so loud that you  feel like everyone is staring at your butt.

These lime green shorts are eye-catching, and the pattern prevents them from being so loud that you feel like everyone is staring at your butt.

I don't ever actually need a new outfit.

Of course, my husband never actually, needs new fishing tackle, yet somehow both of our collections continue to grow.

However, I do believe that any event worth celebrating deserves its own special look. There is no holiday, wedding, birthday or baby shower too small.

So, if you are itching for a little retail therapy, then just do what I do: Rationalize. This weekend is the Fourth of July; therefore, a new outfit must be purchased.

Now, if you live in South Texas, there is a good chance your Fourth of July will involve one of the three following things: a boat, the beach or barbecue.

Most likely, it will be some combination of the three.

The key is deciding what is most appropriate for each event.

For example, I know from experience that wearing a maxi dress on a boat going 60 miles per hour is never a good thing. Inevitably, it will end up somewhere around your waist from sheer wind force. Unless of course this is the look you are going for, in which case, to each her own.

So, when deciding on the perfect celebratory look, I try to take all factors into consideration.

What are we celebrating? What time of day is it? Is it inside or outside? Is there a chance I will end up drenched in saltwater?

For a holiday such as the Fourth, there is a good chance you will find yourself eating barbecue on a paper plate and some (expletive deleted) will inevitably spill their beer on you.

FYI: the chances of this happening increases the more money you spend on an outfit. Just saying.

Doing my very best to keep things cute but within my budget, I headed out to Target.

Here is what I found:

1. I was immediately drawn to these shorts. Lime green is one of my favorite summer colors, but because of the pattern, they aren't so loud that you will feel like everyone is staring at your butt. I would pair them with a simple white T-shirt and my old pair of white, flowery sandals and call it a day. No matter what your destination, this outfit will work.

2. I love this little white dress because of its simplicity. You don't always need bright colors and crazy patterns to stand out.

I guarantee that if you walk in with a great summer tan and this simple white dress, heads will turn.

The lace trim is a refreshing detail, and the little tie around the waist will give any woman just enough curve. Personally, I would pair this dress with a little bronze sandal I found at Payless a few weeks ago, but if you feel you must embrace the red, white and blue theme, then add some red wedges and a navy, cross-body purse. Simple, easy and always classy.

3. Now, if you are headed out to an evening event or maybe just want to be a little bit dressed up (I always do), then this flirty little number is perfect. The mixed patterns are immediately eye-catching, and the uneven hemline shows just enough leg without looking like you are trying too hard. Whether you pair it with flats or heels, this dress will guarantee that the fireworks aren't the only thing people are watching.

Like I said, I found all of these pieces at Target. They are all under $30, so if you can't get that beer or red wine stain out, don't sweat it. Target also has a great selection of bathing suits, all of which can be purchased as separates. This is a big plus for pretty much every women who has ever tried on a bikini. So, as we head into this three-day weekend, just remember that there is no event too small to justify a new, fabulous outfit (and always steer clear of that person stumbling around with a Tervis tumbler full of cabernet).

Allison Marek is an attorney by day, shopping and sale fanatic by night. You can reach her at or at



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