H-E-B pulls beef off shelves as a precaution

July 4, 2014 at 2:04 a.m.

H-E-B grocery store chain issued a precautionary recall on several beef packages in stores throughout Texas because of the possible presence of a foreign material, according to a news release.

Both Victoria stores carried the products, a department spokeswoman said.

"H-E-B is committed to the highest standards of food safety for our customers," said Winell Herron, group vice president of public affairs. "We take every precaution necessary to ensure the integrity and quality of the products sold in our stores."

The meat, which included several fajita and stew packages, has already been pulled from the shelves and does not pose a health risk, public affairs specialist Alyssa Trotman said.

"They found a foreign material in there it is non-injury related," Trotman said, stating that the concern was that the material made it into packaging.

Customers who purchased the affected products can return them to the store for a full refund, according to the news release.

Below is a list of all recalled meats:

Retail Vacuum Sealed Packages with sell-by dates of 7/4/2014 and 7/5/2014 of the following products: • Hill Country Fare Beef Fajitas RP UPC beginning with 220344

• H-E-B Seasoned Beef Fajitas UPC beginning with 220736

• Mi Comida Beef Skirt Steak For Fajitas (Bulk Package) UPC beginning with 222322

• Mi Comida Beef Skirt Steak For Fajitas UPC beginning with 222340

• Hill Country Fare Beef Fajitas UPC beginning with 224234

• Texas BBQ Rub Style Beef Skirt UPC beginning with 238715

Retail Vacuum Sealed Packages with sell-by date of 6/24/2014 of the following products: • Beef for Stew Meat UPC beginning with 222835

Retail Vacuum Sealed Packages with sell-by date of 6/27/2014 of the following products: • H-E-B Seasoned Beef For Carne Guisada UPC beginning with 220595

Retail Packaged Styrofoam tray products with packed on dates of 6/9/2014 through 6/28/2014 of the following products: • Stew meat RP UPC beginning with 220595

• Stew meat VP UPC beginning with 220621

• Beef for Stew UPC beginning with 221776

•  Beef for Stew Meat VP UPC beginning with 222832

• Beef for Stew Meat Tenderized UPC beginning with 222836



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