Party lines should not determine your actions

July 6, 2014 at 2:06 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

It has come to my attention that when anyone mentions something that Obama has done wrong or badly, the left retaliates with: Well, Reagan did this, or Bush passed this law.

We can't change what someone else did. They are gone, out of office and pretty much out of politics. The Democratic Party, President Obama and liberals in general are still here doing their best to get this nation as close to a socialist state as possible.

Our nation was built on Christianity; they are taking that away. We were designed to reward people who worked hard and obeyed the laws of the nation. They are taking our money away and giving it to people who do not want to work. If a person with good reason is unable to work, by all means, help the poor soul. Our nation said if you earned it, it was yours - not the whole nation's. If a man or woman wanted to stand up in public and pray, go ahead. Now, they want to take this away.

We must quit just saying we are a Democrat or Republican, and I would rather do anything than say something against my party. If good common sense says something is wrong, no matter who supports it, stand up against it with all you heart and voice.

God bless this great nation.

David Strickland, Edna



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