Iraggi, Hatter pace action with high scores

July 9, 2014 at 2:09 a.m.

Kevin Iraggi and Gary Hatter Jr. share the spotlight this week with their great bowling.

Iraggi posted the only 700 series for the week, and Hatter Jr. bowled his first 300 game during Rolling Thunder League competition.

Iraggi rolled games of 203, 258 and 263 to compile a 724 total to pace the league.

Hatter Jr. started the first game of league play with a 300 game and then added games of 195 and 204 for a 699 series.

Other nice scores for the men were Aaron Whitehead (268-699), Mark Hernandez (266-680), Gary Berger (247-677), Eric Smith (257-670), Steve Dickinson (669) and Harvey Hernandez (258).

Joanna McNary scored high for the women this week with a 583 total produced during Rolling Thunder League play.

Samantha was a close second with a 581 set in the same league, and Judy Reyna rolled a nice 210 individual game.

The 37th Annual Victoria Latin Bowlers Club Tournament will be played at the Century Lanes this weekend.

The tournament will start Saturday with an 8:30 a.m. men's squad, followed by the ladies at noon and a second men's squad at 3:30 p.m.

Sunday's squad times will start 30 minutes earlier.

As usual, great competition is anticipated. Best of luck to all the participants.

It is with regret that I note the passing of two individuals.

Christina (Chris) Sturm passed away last Sunday at the age of 70.

Chris and husband Michael bowled for many years in various leagues and in later years in the Over the Hill League. She was a great competitor and was bowling until last year, when illness finally slowed her down.

The other individual was Charles Rigamonti, son of former bowling great Juanita Rigamonti and husband of Phyliss (lau) Rigamonti.

I extend my condolences and sympathies to the families on the loss of their loved ones.

With limited bowling news during the summer, I thought I would expose you readers to some of the bowling history of the bowling establishments in Victoria. I am sure some of the older bowlers will join me in a nostalgic trip.

Bowling had been played in Victoria for many years, as evident by an archives article in the Victoria Advocate dated August 18, 1939, noting that some ladies had won prizes from a local merchant for rolling the highest game.

Sanctioned bowling by the American Bowling Congress and the Women's International Bowling Congress did not start until Beryl and Eva Loper opened an 8-lane house - the Victoria Bowling Lanes - in July 1953.

The Lopers moved to Victoria from Bryan and installed 8 bowling lanes in a pre-existing building at 1702 Houston Highway.

Automatic pinsetters had not been introduced to the area yet, so pin boys were needed to set the pins.

The Victoria Lanes had semiautomatic pinsetters, which meant the pin boys picked up the pins that were knocked down, put them in a rack, and when the pins needed resetting, they would pull a rope and motor-operate gears that would set the pins on the deck.

I mention the semiautomatics because when I started setting pins at the Campus Lanes in the summer 1954, our pin-setting was all manual. I would razz the kids at the Victoria Lanes that they had it easy.

Some of the early pin boys to work at the Victoria were Ralph Flores, Mack Mendoza, Louis Ruiz, J.D. Hare and Jimmy and Johnny Ramirez. I remember them because in 1955 we had a pin boy team that competed in one of the leagues at the Victoria Lanes.

With Foster Field Air Force Base operating at the time, there were some very good bowlers that competed in leagues and pot games. Two of the Foster boys made an impression because of their bowling skills were Tom Marret and Ken Longstretch.

Some of the other good bowlers in the '50s that I remember were O.P. Austin, C.S. Luikart, Ed Gehring and Harrison Raska.

In 1962, Beryl and Eva sold the Victoria Lanes to Sammy and Alex Dick, Jr., and they moved to Freeport to manage a 24-lane bowling house.

From November 1961 until August 1966, I was serving in the U.S. Air Force, so I had little contact with local bowling activities except when I came home on leave.

Billy Terry was managing the lanes when I resumed bowling at the Victoria Lanes in 1967.

In 1968, Andy and Evelyn Kashouty, who bought the lanes from Sammy and Alex Dick Jr., were running the alley.

After Andy and Evelyn retired, their son Jimmy took over the business.

The Victoria Bowling Lanes closed for business in 1978, when they couldn't get their building lease renewed.

The next bowling house that I will reminisce about is the Campus Lanes, which later was renamed Woodlawn.

ROLLINNG THUNDER 1ST (tie) THE CROSSROADS ROLLELRS and PAY-PER-VIEW Women: J. McNary 202-583; S. Wharton 581; J. Reyna 210-530; D. Gabrysch 524; K. Boehmer 517; Men: K. Iraggi 263-724; G. Hatter Jr. 300-699; A. Whitehead 268-699; M. Hernandez 266-680; G. Berger 247-677; S. Dickinson 238-669; H. Hernandez 257-645; F. Suniga 639; C. Flores 634; R. Mason 237-633; J. Walden 246-627; J. Cass 625; W. Reyna 247-618; T. Bennett 609; T. Crowe 603; R. Gonzales 603; L. Conner 602; D. Matthews 602; S. Kocian 600; M. Stacy 599; J. Silgero 598; A. Flores 587; E. Gonzales 225-585; J.J. Soto 231-585; J. Schubert 579; C. Martinka 578; S. Miller 574; R. Gabrysch 574; J. Mason 574; J. Vasquez 569; R. Morris 568; M. Soliz 235-564; P. Popp 559; C. Hoff 557; J. Partida 555; B. Jackson 553; M. Aubrecht 553; M. Gshwind 552; K. Nelson 237; FUNTAPPERS 1ST TEAM 8 Women: M. Hopkins 265-679; J. Sims 254-657; C. Wilson 232-656; Men: J. Silgero 300-300-300-900; J. Hopkins 300-808; M. Michalec 798; J. Holbert 300-797; E. Smith 261-698; B. Banda 279-659; M. Banda 286-648; SUMMER YOUTH 1ST TEAM 3 Girls: S. Wharton 162-391; Boys: N. Lara 137-355; PEE WEE 1ST TEAM 2 Girls: F. Cooper 91-181; Boys: E. Dunn 95-186;



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