Court decision was about all contraceptives

July 9, 2014 at 2:09 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

In regard to the Hobby Lobby recent Supreme Court decision to allow the company to refuse birth control to their employees, the initial suit brought by Hobby Lobby only referred to four birth control contraceptives to which it objected because it perceived (incorrectly) that those four methods actually caused abortions.

Supposedly, this was a very narrow decision in favor of Hobby Lobby. Very quietly, without the hoopla of the June 30 decision, the Supreme Court further ruled/explained that its decision for Hobby Lobby did not cover just the four contraceptive methods in its suit.

Their decision covered all of the contraceptive methods - every single one of them. I would also like to note that this decision was made by the men on the Supreme Court. I suppose they are once again letting us poor women know that they know more than we do about our health needs, and we women do not need to worry our little heads about it. Just let the big, strong men take care of us.

Also, let me remind everyone that contraceptives are not used solely for the purpose of birth control. There are other uses.

Another thought just came to mind. What if men were the ones who got pregnant and suffered all the inconveniences of pregnancy, including all the responsibility of taking care of their children? I believe that men would see the need for contraceptives and family planning in a different light.

Gayle Mireles, Port Lavaca



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