Online comments on 'Junior League to paint over mural just created during film fest'

July 14, 2014 at 2:14 a.m.

I would say leave the creativity on the wall. Much better for visitors and locals to have instead of the gang and group graffiti that is so often found on these buildings, benches and traffic signs in the area or any area of town.


The Junior League is well within its rights to paint over the mural because it's painted on a building that they own. That's the bottom line. The Junior League owns the building; therefore, they have every legal right to do with it as they see fit. They do not have to justify or explain what they choose to do with their rightfully owned property.

Personally, I happen to like the mural. I find it visually stimulating, and I find something new hidden within the obvious outward artistry every time I look at it. I really hope that the mural or something similar will be repainted somewhere else in town so that we may all continue to enjoy it.


We are currently starting a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to raise money to paint a new one, and Jake Ramirez will be shooting a documentary about the process. It is their building, so we just move on and make another one.

If anyone wants to participate in the documentary that Jake Ramirez is filming about graffiti art and this mural in particular, inbox him on Facebook.


I think it's beautiful and should stay. Let's add more color to Victoria.




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