See what Obama is doing before it's too late

July 18, 2014 at 2:18 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I am sure that others have noticed the Advocate's one-sided political views. They never criticize any of Obama's actions but will jump on the bandwagon of any criticism of Gov. Perry or any other Republican.

During Obama's visit to Texas, he would not visit the border and cause a distraction, and he didn't need another "photo op." He didn't turn down the photo op shooting pool and drinking beer, which he found time to do.

Perry offered the border patrol and local law enforcement to assist the National Guard if Obama would send them (you didn't print that). He wants the governor to back his request for several billion dollars, of which only a small portion would go to border security. Where is the remainder going?

The problem could be solved easily. Inform the Mexican president that no commercial trucks be allowed to cross the border either direction and all aid will be stopped until all these poor children are back in their country united with their family. I bet the problem would be solved within a week.

It is ironic that Obama was in Texas for fundraisers to re-elect the fools who helped create the problem to start with. I wonder how far the funds raised would go toward getting these kids back to their country?

Wake up, folks. See what Obama is doing to our country before it is too late.

B.J. Bunch, Yoakum

Editor's note: In our news and Viewpoints page coverage, the Advocate focuses on local news and views first, followed by state and national. In that regard, we publish more about Gov. Perry, both pro and con, than President Obama. Thank you for reading and adding to the community conversation about important issues of the day.



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