City Corner: Victoria transportation survey available online

By Jennifer Sourdellia
July 20, 2014 at 2:20 a.m.

I recently saw a report about a survey that the Metropolitan Planning Organization is conducting on the subject of transportation. How can I participate in the survey?

The Victoria Metropolitan Planning Organization is conducting surveys on all types of transportation within Victoria County.

It is responsible for transportation planning processes that allow Victoria County to receive federal and state transportation funding. The MPO is working on a long-range transportation plan for the next 25 years that establishes funding priorities for improvements and charts a course to meet the community's vision.

All public comments will be considered throughout the development of the long-range plan. Share your opinion on roads, traffic, pedestrian and bicycle facilities and transit in Victoria County by filling out a survey at

Transportation impacts everyone, and the MPO wants your input to help set the transportation needs of the community. For more information, contact the Victoria MPO at 361-485-3360 or check out the Facebook page at

With recent restrictions on water usage throughout the city, can you please tell me when I can water my lawn and how much water I am allowed to use?

The city of Victoria initiated the second stage of its Drought Contingency Plan a week ago.

Under this plan, residents are asked to limit watering their lawns and landscaped areas between the hours of 6 to 10 a.m. and from 8 p.m. to midnight when using hose-end sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems. However, residents are permitted to water their lawns at any time if it is done using a hand-held hose equipped with an automatic shut-off nozzle, a hand-held bucket or watering can of 5 gallons or less.

For more information about the water restrictions and to learn about tips for conserving water, visit

Here are some tips that will conserve water:

1. Water the lawn only when it is necessary. Learn to know when grass needs watering. If it has turned a dull gray-green or if footprints remain visible, it is time to water.

2. Water the lawn early in the morning and late in the evening to avoid unnecessary evaporative loss.

3. Use a sprinkler that produces large drops of water rather than a fine mist to avoid evaporation.

4. To avoid evaporation, turn soaker hoses so the holes are on the bottom.

5. Water slowly for better absorption and never water on windy days.

6. Avoid watering the street, sidewalks or driveways.

7. Do not water too frequently. Too much water can overload the soil so that air cannot get to the roots and can encourage plant diseases.

8. Do not overwater. Soil can absorb only so much moisture, and the rest simply runs off. A timer will help, and either a kitchen timer or an alarm clock will do. An inch of water applied once a week will keep most Texas grasses alive and healthy.

9. Raise the cutting height on your lawnmower. The longer blades of grass will provide shade for the root system and make the turf more drought resistant.

The city will remain in Stage II of its Drought Contingency Plan until the flow of the Guadalupe River remains above 300 cubic feet per second for 14 consecutive days. Stage I will then be initiated until the flow in the Guadalupe River returns to normal for 14 consecutive days.

For more information, visit or contact the Public Works Department at 361-485-3381.

Do you have a question about the city of Victoria? Please submit your questions and comments about any city department to Jennifer Sourdellia in the Communications/Public Information Office by emailing or mail to P.O. Box 1758, Victoria, Texas 77902.



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