City does not need to set rental rates

July 23, 2014 at 2:23 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I must agree with Jim Welvaert, whose letter ran in the Victoria Advocate on July 15. We do not need the city involved in setting our rental rates!

The Advocate had done a Pro/Con story July 14 asking if the city should be involved in rental rates, coming from a letter Jeremy Shapiro wrote on June 16. I missed the original letter from Mr. Shapiro but found the Advocate had twisted his comments so completely! Shapiro did not ask for the city to set rates but instead to start an Affordable Housing Task Force to study affordable housing in our area.

I believe the idea of city-controlled rental rates is against the private property rights we fight for! In fact, the abolition of private property rights is one of the first major facets of Communism! If the city controlled the rental rates, what would be next? I believe the prices in our area are very high; however, compared to other areas in our country, we are very low. Supply and demand certainly have been an economic player in our market.

I truly hate that some people have been displaced from their apartments due to the university's expansion. Progress is not always easy! New apartments are paying today's prices for land, labor and material which starts off higher than some of the older units. A task force may be able to help find some opportunities for additional housing that would be less costly and wouldn't be government or city subsidized.

As a Realtor and property manager who pays taxes, insurance, repairs and upgrades and is sure to adhere to all the housing laws - I do not need the city telling me what my owners and I can charge on our rental rates. I am sure other owners agree.

Rhonda Griffin, Inez

Editor's note: Our news coverage featured people on both sides of the issue of affordable housing and the various ways that it can be addressed. Our editorial board agrees with you that rent control is not the appropriate solution.



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