BOWLING: Consistency leads bowler to lone 700 series

July 30, 2014 at 2:30 a.m.

The ever consistent Mike Stacy powered his way to the high series for the week in Rolling Thunder League play.

Sporting a league high average of 225, Stacy rolled games of 238, 268 and 247 to total 753 for the weekly honors.

Scott Snow almost broke the 700 mark with a 267 high game contributing toward a 699 set.

Miles Michalec rolled 27 strikes in the three games, but four splits prevented him from a 700 series.

In the third game of the set, the only nonstrike frame was in the seventh when he left a four-pin count split on the first ball and had an eight-pin count for the frame to finish with a 260 game and 698 total.

Other scores of note for the men were Kyle Stasny (264-689), Steve Zeplin (279-681), Jamar Bryant (675), Steve Dickinson (268-675), Aaron Whitehead (268-673), Chris Flores (668), Jon Walden (667), Shawn Miller (662), Craig Hoff (273), Abraham Flores (265), Mike Osterson (257) and Phil Gamble (255).

Samantha Wharton had the high weekly total for the women with a 227 high game helping toward a 585 set in Rolling Thunder action.

With the fall league meetings starting next month, the Century Lanes has a schedule for the date and times of each league at the counter.

The Red River League will meet Aug. 11 at 7 p.m. The league is a highly competitive men's only league and is looking to add new teams. Contact Larry Stroud at 361-648-0480 for more information.

Melanie Hannon, a sophomore at Fairleigh Dickinson University, has been awarded the Billy Welu Scholarship for 2014.

The Welu Scholarship was established by the Professional Bowlers Association to annually recognize a college student who combines outstanding bowling ability with academic excellence.

Hannon, from Cheektowaga, N.Y., is studying to become a nurse.

The El Campo Bowling Center is hosting a doubles tournament fundraiser for the Crisis Center of Wharton and Matagorda counties.

Two squads are scheduled for Saturday at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. There will also be a raffle and silent auction held to help with this great cause. For more information, you can contact the center at 979-543-9999.

If you enjoy bowling, try and attend this event.

Local bowling history

This week, I will highlight the history of the Century Lanes.

The C.E. Erwin family opened the Century Lanes in April 1982 with 32 AMF automatic pinsetters, AMF magic scorers, lounge and playroom with a babysitter for the toddlers while Mom and Dad bowled. Bowlers no longer had to keep track of the score and worry about an error in a close game; it was recorded automatically.

The need to recruit scorekeepers, as was the case at the Woodlawn and Palace, became moot.

Hired to manage the new establishment were Jack Ingram as manager and Mike Wortham as his assistant.

Ingram and Wortham came from Memphis, Tenn., where they had worked for MALCO, a corporation with many bowling establishments.

Ingram had managed bowling lanes while serving in the U.S. Army in the 1950s and then managed lanes in Nashville and Memphis.

Wortham had started working for MALCO as a young lad at 16 years old and remained in its employment through high school and college, where he earned a marketing degree. He then joined the company's lane management training program.

Ingram and Wortham worked together until Ingram was killed in a car accident in 1986.

Ingram was highly respected by many of the bowlers for his openness and friendly demeanor.

Wortham assumed the manager's title, and Diana Korczynski moved from the Palace Lanes to become his assistant from 1986 until 1991.

In 1991, Wortham moved to Austin to manage Dart Bowl, Korczynski became the manager, and Bonnie McDonald became the assistant.

In 1995, Bill Erwin became the manager, and Korczynski became the assistant. They worked together until late 1998, when Wortham replaced Korczynski as the assistant.

With the Century Lanes and Woodlawn providing sanctioned league play, there were 742 men (down from a high of 1,378 in 1984) and 936 women sanctioned during the 1995-96 season. The Victoria youth leagues had 208 bowlers, down from a high of 252 during the 1993-94 season. So, sanctioned membership and competition as a whole was still very high.

Erwin passed away in 2003, and Wortham assumed the managerial position.

He has been the manager without a titled assistant until present.

In 2006, by mandate of the United States Bowling Conference (after the merging of American Bowling Congress and Women's International Bowling Congress) the local men and women's associations merged to become the Victoria USBC Association.

At a later date, I will offer my thoughts on the status of the declining sanctioned membership not only locally but nationwide.

SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST (tie) UP IN SMOKE and IT'S NOT MY FAULT Men: A. Whitehead 268-673; M. Gshwind 636; M. Osterson 235-624; J. Silgero 594; M. McLemore 226-582; D. Knowlan 578; A. Williams 572; E. Smith 567; H. Tesch 564; M. Hernandez 564; H. Cox 227; ROLLING THUNDER 1'ST THE CROSSROADS ROLLERS Women: S. Wharton 227-585; D. Gabrysch 559; O. Jackson 211-554; Men: M. Stacy 268-753; S. Snow 267-699; M. Michalec 260-698; K. Stasny 264-689; S. Zeplin 279-681; J. Bryant 233-675; S. Dickinson 268-675; C. Flores 668; J. Walden 234-667; S. Miller 236-662; M. Osterson 257-647; A. Flores 265-641; P. Popp 234-634; T. Bennett 253-627; M. Aubrecht 244-625; C. Hoff 273-623; G. Hatter Jr. 224-615; S. Kocian 233-615; R. Gabrysch 226-611; J. Cooper 226-610; J. Silgero 225-605; E. Gonzales 605; D. Matthews 226-603; P. Gamble 255-600; M. Unger 233-596; R. Vasquez 593; C. Youngblood 589; R. Rendon 586; G. Mitchell 583; J.J. Soto 579; V. Thomas 576; J. Phillips 575; G. Berger 231-575; M. Soliz 574; H. Hernandez 572; M. Zengerie 568; J. Mason 565; A. Williams 565; L. Conner 564; J. Ramirez 245-563; M. Conchola 225-563; FUNTAPPERS (NO TAP) 1st TEAM 8 Women: J. Sims 242-706; C. Danesi 246-647; T. Starkey 2323-636; Men: J. Hopkins 265-768; M. Michalec 753; C. Bigham, 288-750; J. Weber 277-735; J. Holbert 300-735; J. Silgero 264-710; R. Cooper 253-691; M. Soliz 278-688; SUMMER YOUTH 1ST TEAM 3 Girl: S. Wharton 133-335; Boy: N. Lara 111-292; PEE WEE 1ST TEAM 2 Girl: F. Cooper 91-161; Boy: Z. Duffala 92-159



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