Fundraising effectiveness questioned

July 30, 2014 at 2:30 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

In a letter to the editor that ran July 22, the writer indicated that President Obama should not be criticized for, but allowed to attend, all the fundraisers he can. That is what Obama excels at; he has arguably taken political fundraising to its height. Obama is demonstrably weak in all other aspects of serving as president for the good of the country.

When I read the Beetle Bailey comic strip in the July 27 Advocate, I cannot help but see how Obama is to the presidency as Beetle is to the Army. When asked by Sarge why he loafs, Beetle says, "I excel at loafing! I'm the best loafer in camp! I'm famous for loafing."

Take it to its height! Killer says, "Go, Beetle! Loaf, it's what you do best." The letter writer is, in effect, saying, "Go, Barack! Fundraise; it's what you do best." As a soldier, Beetle loafs rather than doing his soldierly duties, just as President Obama fundraises rather than doing his presidential duties. Perhaps we're better served by Beetle loafing than directing mortar fire.

Unfortunately, Obama's effectiveness as a fundraiser has future ill effects on our country. At least in the short term, he does less damage at fundraisers than meddling in presidential business for which he is ill equipped and seemingly disengaged.

Steve Fiedler, Victoria



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