Democrats use climate change to take control

June 3, 2014 at 1:03 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

All of a sudden, climate change has moved to the forefront in the news. I believe it is because the Democrats have nothing else to run on for the mid-term elections. They can't run on "Obamacare"; everybody hates that. They can't run on the economy; it's in the tank. They can't run on jobs; there are very few of those being created. So they're left with the bogus science of climate change.

They used to call it global warming, but since the Earth hasn't warmed in more than 17 years and has in fact cooled a bit, they've had to change their nomenclature. That's why it's now called climate change. I'm curious what they will call it if the planet continues to cool - global cooling, maybe? And precisely, how is the climate changing?

They claim to be concerned about carbon in the atmosphere, but if that's true, they should be pushing for us to all burn natural gas in our automobiles. Natural gas has about one-sixth the carbon of gasoline; so with it in abundance, we should be burning it in our cars to reduce the so-called carbon footprint, should we not?

The outrageous claims they make have also turned out to be untrue. They say polar bears are becoming extinct, when in fact there are more of them now then there were 25 years ago. They claim the polar ice caps are melting when in fact the ice is increasing.

The truth is, the Democrats are not at all concerned with the environment except as a tool with which to control our lives, as is "Obamacare" and almost all of the legislation they pass. How much longer will we put up with propaganda from the left?

Howard O. Weise, Yorktown



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