Lone bowler breaks 700 mark this week

June 4, 2014 at 1:04 a.m.

Michael Conchola was the only bowler to break the 700 mark this week with a great 266 game contributing toward his series.

Conchola started Rolling Thunder League play with a 266 game and then followed with individual games of 242 and 206 to finish with a 714 total.

There were several other big games bowled that helped toward good series.

Tom Crowe posted the second-highest total with a 269 individual contributing toward a 688 set. Three bowlers tied with a 686 series. They were Mike Stacy (267-686), Mike Osterson (268-686) and T.J. Mooney (247-686).

Other nice scores for the men were: Kyle Stasny (672), Jamar Bryant (247-672), Eric Smith (267-672), Steve Dickinson (654), Chris Flores (552), Steve Zeplin (652), Aaron Whitehead (252-651) and Sterling Kocian (257).

The ladies had a good representative with Olivia Jackson rolling three good games to boast a very nice total.

She posted games of 210, 219 and 214 for a 643 set in Rolling Thunder action.

Samantha Wharton, with a 224 high game and 572 series, had the second-highest total.

The Wednesday Night No Tap competition started Wednesday with a starting time of 7 p.m. You need to register by 6:50 p.m. for crossovers and side pots.

It is with regret that I note of two more people associated with local bowling who have passed away.

Brian Roemer, son of Rosalie Roemer, passed away two weeks ago.

Rosalie has been a longtime bowler and bowled in the senior league.

Another person who will be missed is Sandy Stovall, wife of V.A. Stovall.

V.A. and Sandy moved to the Houston area two years ago to be near family as they grew older.

V.A. was a senior league bowler for more than 10 years locally before moving.

My condolences and sympathy go out to the families.

I will be out of town next week to participate in the USBC Open Tournament in Reno.

With only two regular leagues and a no-tap league competing during the summer, I will report on two weeks of bowling when I return.

I will also start sharing some history on the local bowling houses that started sanctioned bowling in Victoria. There was great growth of bowling locally in the '70s and '80s, and then sanctioned participation declined in the '90s.

SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST UP IN SMOKE Men: G. Hatter Jr. 234-632; H. Tesch 245-621; J. Brooks 578; A. Whitehead 567; JJ Soto 564; E. Smith 562; A. Williams 559; J. Cass 558; ROLLING THUNDER 1ST VICTORIOUS SECRET Women: O. Jackson 219-643; S. Wharton 224-572; J. McNary 213-557; D. Gabrysch 545; Men: M. Conchola 266-714; T. Crowe 269-688; M. Stacy 267-686; M. Osterson 268-686; T.J. Mooney 247-686; K. Stasny 230-672; J. Bryant 247-672; E. Smith 267-672; S. Dickinson 228-654; C. Flores 226-652; S. Zeplin 237-652; A. Whitehead 252-651; L. Helms 229-645; J. Talbott 227-638; J. Silgero 236-629; G. Berger 234-629; R. Gonzales 624; A. Williams 245-618; S. Kocian 257-617; G. Hatter Jr. 615; V. Thomas 246-612; B. Korczynski 607; J. Walden 235-605; G. Brooks 232-604; J. Cass 600; C. Youngblood 225-596; R. Morris 592; D. Bluhm 232-592; J. Vasquez 591; R. Marques 585; M. Hernandez 235-582; R. Vasquez 578; H. Hernandez 233-576; K. Hradek 571; R. Mason 569; T. Bennett 566; D. Matthews 566; B. Marques 565; P. Popp 565; J. Cooper 565; FUNTAPPERS (NO-TAP) 1st (tie) PIN ACTION and TEAM 8 Women: J. Sims 249-710; B. Long 639; C. Danesi 264; Men: T. Bennett 278-750; M. Soliz 278-715; R. Cooper 278-690; R. Saenz 264-671; E. Smith 263-655; S. Gritta 278.



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