Victoria College gives student awareness

June 4, 2014 at 1:04 a.m.

Victoria College brings more awareness to my life. Awareness isn't a word that I would've been able to relate to until I started going to Victoria College. This institution gave me knowledge and more than what I would need in my chosen profession. Being in Victoria College for only a year and a half opened my eyes in so many aspects. The diversity of the people and their various goals made me appreciate more of what and where I am in life. Moreover, the atmosphere at Victoria College is very friendly and filled with the pursuit of higher education. Having my eyes opened to a greater understanding of matter beyond my intended reach is more than enough to consider myself fortunate. Through the help of certain subtleties and friends whom I've met from this institution, I have achieved this awareness.

The diversity of the student body - from origins and gender to age - made me feel at ease. I didn't have to worry about the fact that I'm from the Philippines and have only been in the U.S. for about five years and also the fact that I have missed school a few times. This adds up to a total of three years, because of the challenging lifestyle that I had to face back in my hometown. Being out of school for three years had left me way behind everyone I set my goals with back home. None of that mattered when I realized how eager people are to achieve their dreams regardless of their origin, gender or age.

Victoria College also gave me the opportunity to be a leader. Having been selected as a Supplementary Instruction leader made me appreciate myself. Not only did it bring me joy because of the achievement but also because of the opportunity to share my awareness. Again, I received more than what I expected. Some people who attended my SI sessions were very thankful, and that touched me. Seeing them pleased after an assessment through a small extent of my guidance gave me feelings that I almost didn't understand - the feelings of being useful and appreciated and also the awareness that hope and benevolence are strong in this institution.

One aspect that directly impacted my awareness is friendship. Having made friends from Victoria College who share the same goals affected my views. Friends are the more personal level of impact. Some of the more specific details that I have learned came from them. My diverse friends told me stories of how they went through such experiences in life that I also consider hardships for myself. Also, their stories of how hard they push for education I have seen through my own eyes. Such matters keep me aware that I have nothing to complain about, as I am fortunate in my own account. All I can do is be better in what I already do.

I may have been in the U.S. for almost five years now, but only at Victoria College have I achieved such awareness. There may be more matters to understand for a 21-year-old such as myself, but because of the wide aspects of a community college such as Victoria College, I became more aware. Through certain subtleties that are unique in community colleges and treasures such as friendships, I have achieved awareness.

Jec Obispo Tanafranca is a Victoria College student who entered the "What's Your Story? Scholarship essay contest. He lives in Victoria.



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